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Heat Acquire Bulls Studs


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+3 players ($28.6m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact - $6.4M

+5  Wins

+25.77  MPG

+1.68  Off.

+1.60  Def.



+2 picks

+ 0  Wins

+ 0  MPG

+ 0  Off.

+ 0  Def.

Note: This is a scenario where Miami ends up not getting Damian Lillard for some reason.

Why Miami Does This:

This trade helps the team a lot offensively and defensively. DeMar Derozan gives a big boost to their midrange/paint game, while Tyler Herro's return itself should boost their 3 point shooting a lot. Alex Caruso’s defense on the perimeter will also be very valuable to the team when they have to defend guards such as Jamal Murray. I am not trying to compare this to getting Dame, because this is a scenario where they miss out on Dame. This is a boost that would make them even more prepared for a title run that they were last year. This would be an ideal scenario for them. They would still have more assets to use on other role players if they did this trade. Also, the depth in their rotation is insane. Depth + Defense is necessary to win championships. This will hopefully also make up for their losses with Gabe Vincent and Max Strus.

Plus Points for Miami

  1. Greatly improves depth and defense

  2. Save up assets for other trades

  3. This trade will give them a lot of cap flexibility next offseason

Cons For Miami

  1. They can’t get a 3rd superstar if they make this trade.

  2. They will likely lose DeMar DeRozan in free agency next year due to cap space problems.

Overall, I still believe that this is a trade that the Heat would accept, even though it has some notable cons for them.

Miami Rotation:

Starting Lineup

PG Tyler Herro

SG Caleb Martin

SF DeMar Derozan

PF Jimmy Butler

C Bam Adebayo

2nd Unit

PG Alex Caruso

SG Josh Richardson

SF Duncan Robinson

PF Kevin Love

C Nikola Jovic


PG Dru Smith

SG Jamal Cain

SF Jaime Jaquez Jr.

PF Haywood Highsmith

C Andre Drummond

Why Chicago Does This:

They get 2 unprotected FRPs in return for DeMar Derozan and Alex Caruso! That is a STEAL for them. If they get this offer, they should accept it without a 2nd thought in my opinion. The Bulls clearly need to rebuild and they can start that by doing this trade. Their next moves would be to trade away Lavine and Vucevic. What they need is stockpiled assets that can get them back to title contention in future years. You can remind me about the Lonzo Ball era in Chicago. Well, he’s not going to play basketball again!! That is the past, the Bulls need to focus on the future. I am not including a rotation chart for one reason: The Bulls are looking to trade for picks and other assets, not stars and depth.

Plus Points for Chicago:

  1. They get 2 unprotected FRPs for players that aren’t getting valued much more than protected FRPs.

  2. This kickstarts their rebuild which they must go on.

  3. They get FRPs that have the potential to be high in the draft.

Cons for Chicago:

  1. This doesn’t allow the coach to test out playing with this mediocre roster for a few more years.

  2. They have to take on Duncan Robinson’s contract.

Overall, I still believe that this is a trade that the Heat would accept, even though it has some notable cons for them.

Why OKC Does This:

They replace a protected FRP with an unprotected FRP AND they get a SRP on top of it. This is a big no-brainer for them to do this.

Pros for OKC:

  1. The whole trade itself!

Cons for OKC:






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