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Realistic Destinations for Joel Embiid: The Cavs Offer (#7)


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+1 player ($20.0m),
Cap Impact + $1.1M

+4  Wins

+16.39  MPG

+1.54  Off.

+1.63  Def.



+6 players ($45.9m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $12.1M

+ 0  Wins

+67.78  MPG

-7.13  Off.

+3.93  Def.



+3 players ($58.6m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $6.3M

-3  Wins

-84.18  MPG

+5.59  Off.

-5.56  Def.

Welcome back to the Joel Embiid trade series by kawntent sports. In this deal, the Cavs give up their current twin towers to get the MVP, and the Knicks swoop in for Jarrett Allen. Let’s get into it!

Why the Cavs do this:

Donovan Mitchell is rumored to be unhappy in Cleveland and this deal gets a Shaq to his Kobe in Joel Embiid. This dynamic duo alongside Darius Garland is a great fit along with the rest of the team including the incoming PJ Tucker and the spot-up shooters that currently fill out the rest of the Cavs roster. This deal puts them into that level with the Bucks, Celtics, and Heat and allows them to contend to win the Eastern Conference for the first time since LeBron left.

Why the 76ers do this:

The Sixers’ main asset in the Joel Embiid deal here is Evan Mobley, who has the potential to be significantly better than Joel Embiid ever was They also get a 2030 pick swap from the Cavs which could turn out to be a top-5 pick if the team falls apart by the end of the decade. The rest of the included assets are mainly here for salary purposes but could each prove themselves to be solid and worth a later pick by the trade deadline. The Sixers build their own dynamic duo with Maxey and Mobley here, one that could be the best in the league a few years from now.

Why the Knicks do this:

Jarrett Allen returns to the city of New York in this deal, and gives the Knicks their new best rim protector along with tons of flexibility. They get the opportunity to trade an extremely valuable Mitchell Robinson for better assets while still having proper rim protection and not really losing much. This will allow them to build up their team and eventually become a contender in this top-heavy Eastern conference.

This deal is quite a fresh one and I’m curious what you all think. Who wins? Who loses? Let me know in the comments!