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Lakers get pieces for JJ system - Nets and Hawks get pieces that fit their current situation


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+4 players ($54.1m),
Cap Impact + $5.4M

+3  Wins

+10.88  MPG

+0.90  Off.

-0.32  Def.



+3 players ($21.7m),
Cap Impact + $5.7M

-1  Wins

+9.38  MPG

-0.94  Off.

-1.92  Def.

LAKERS - Get the defensive guard they need and an upgrade on the wing defensively that will fit JJ's system better than Rui while also contributing offensively and on the glass while only giving up 1FRP.

Then resign LeBron to the reported 3yrs/160 million and use the taxpayer MLE to resign Max Christie. Then sign a backup big for the minimum I went with Wiseman because he is still relatively young and has upside. He never got a fair chance in GS because injuries derailed him and he was averaging 13pts 8rbs when he was traded to Detroit before Jalen Duren took his spot and he had to split backup minutes with Isiah Steward. Any other option like Drummond would also work

Lakers potential lineup PG - Murray, Gabe, Bronny SG - Reaves, Max Christie, Cam Reddish SF - Cam Johnson, Knecht, Max Lexis PF - Lebron, C.Wood C - AD, Wiseman, Hayes

HAWKS - Gets pieces that fit better around Trae Young especially since Hunter reportedly is asking out and they traded AJ Griffin so they are short on wing depth. Also, they clear up some money so they can pay Jalen Johnson next offseason. Vando immediately helps their defense and can cover up for Trae defensively while Rui and DFS are good rotation pieces that can offer scoring off the bench. They also get a lightly protected first pick in the future

Nets - The Nets currently don't control their own draft pick, so they are not insensitive to being bad. They got D'lo who they wanted at the trade deadline and will be an immediate update on Schroeder and one of the best players they currently have on the roster. Additionally, they get Deandre Hunter who is an upgrade from Cam Johnson and can fill the role left by Bridges' departure, which could lead to a jump from Hunter now that he will be a bigger offensive focus. Finally, they get JHS who is still young, unproven, and had excellent size for the position and lots of potential. He gets time to develop behind D'lo and Schroeder and could end up being a starting-caliber PG or even a role-player