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Block Buster Deadline Deal 🚨: Raptors Rebuild πŸ¦–, Lakers Invest πŸ’œ, Hawks go All in πŸ¦…


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+6 players ($37.9m) +1 pick,
Cap ImpactΒ - $5.3M

+3Β  Wins

-7.27Β  MPG

-2.94Β  Off.

+1.62Β  Def.



+4 players ($44.9m),
Cap ImpactΒ + $4.3M

+3Β  Wins

+8.26Β  MPG

+5.09Β  Off.

-1.15Β  Def.

Upvote, Flame, Follow for Follow, and read whole breakdown, don't hate by downvoting just give some feedback, not super realistic, but did I get value right πŸ€”

As a Lakers fan the Wood signing has got me excited and it got me thinking is this the year πŸ€”. Now this deal would strictly be a deadline deal if a variety of things happen

  1. Lakers one move away from title favorite

  2. Hawks are sitting just outside playoffs

  3. Raptors are a bottom 4 seed in the East This deal is impossible to get done other than the trade deadline as these players have all signed new contracts and cant be traded for a while.

Lakers PerspectiveπŸ’œ:

From the Lakers perspective, the lakers could be say the 2 seed and one step away from becoming title favorites and if everything breaks correctly this would be a great trade to fall into their laps. As we know lakers are lacking defense in their starting lineup, and lacking some 3 pt shooting. This void gets filled by Murray who is consistently top 10 steals leader in this Legue with his lanky frame and can shoot the 3 ball decently at a 36 percent clip. OG also fills the void as he is one of the leagues best defenders and shoots the 3pt at 36 percent on his career. In return they would be giving up JHS a solid prospect, Gabe Vincent, and Rui Hachimura and a handful of picks. This is a great trade from LA because both players are relatively young and can be part of a post LBJ era. In order to equivalate value however Lakers would depart ways with Vanderbilt, for Thadius Young. Finally signing Edmond summer is purely incase as injury occurs and LA need a backup.

  1. Rui Hachimura 6'8 (25yrs) 11 pts, 4 reb, 0.9 ast VS OG Anunoby (26yrs) 6'7 16 pts, 5 reb, 2 ast

  2. Dejounte Murray 6'4 (26yrs) 20.5 pts, 5.3 rebs, 6.1 ast VS Gabe Vincent 6'3 (27yrs) 9 pts, 2.1 reb, 2.5 ast


Depth Chart After Trade πŸ”:

PG- Dejounte Murray, Dangelo Russel, Edmond Summer

SG- Austin Reaves, Max Christie, Cam Reddish

SF- OG Anunoby, Taurian Prince, Maxwell Lewis

PF- LeBron James, Thadius Young

C- Antony Davis, Christian Wood, Jaxon Hayes

Pros Of TradeπŸ‘:

  • Upgrade PG and SF play

  • Upgrade Defense

  • Upgrade Shooting

Cons of Trade πŸ‘Ž:

  • Get slightly older

  • Give up fan favorites

  • Give up on young prospect

Atlanta Hawks Perspective πŸ¦…:

From a Hawks perspective if the Hawks are just outside the playoff picture and the Murray/Trae experiment still in not clicking cashing in on a star who compliments Trae's Game and can space the floor for Capela. In return for this they would have to give up Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Deandre Hunter, and Kobe Bufkin which is unfortunate but getting a young prospect in JHS to replace Kobe and Gabe Vincent to be a better backup than an aging Patty Mills. The Hawks would also give up a singular first rounder and get a second rounder in return. Finally, Atlanta makes a few signings by signing Austin Rivers to give more Point Guard Depth (I would add john wall but cant find), Usman Garuba to cap off big man spot, and Kelly Oubre Jr to add power of bench, and yes Kelly will sign for a minimum for the same reason as Wood he will have opportunity to earn more money next year as he will be a key option off bench possibly even start.

Depth Chart After Trade πŸ”:

PG- Trae Young, Jalen- Hood Schifino, Austin Rivers

SG- Gabe Vincent, Sadiq Bey, Patty Mills

SF- De'Andre Hunter, Kelly Oubre Jr

PF- Pascal Siakam, AJ Griffin, Jalen Johnson

C- Clint Capela, Onyeka Okongwu, Usman Garuba

Pros πŸ‘:

  • Add depth to all position

  • Find a better fit than Murray

  • Satisfy Trae Young

  • Don't give up many picks

Cons πŸ‘Ž:

  • Lose solid prospects

  • Lose Guard Depth

Raptors Perspective πŸ¦–:

From a Raptors perspective if they are a bottom 4 seed at the deadline, then they are certain to blow it up. In return for offloading there two most valuable players they get, a variety of young assets that could blossom into great role players

  • Rui Hachimura young player with potential to become 3 and D wing

  • Vanderbilt a great defensive player

  • Hunter a great young small forward

  • Kobe Bufkin another good defender whom as drafted in the lottery this year Raptors would also receive a stash of picks that could turn into stars as the lakers picks in the future could be very valuable as the lakers may be rebuilding.

Depth Chart After Trade πŸ”:

PG- Dennis Schroder, Kobe Bufkin, Marquis Noel, Malachi Flynn

SG- Gradey Dick, Bodan Bogdanovic, Garret Temple

SF- Gary Trent Jr, Rui Hachimura, Jared Vanderbilt

PF- Scottie Barnes, Jalen McDaniel's, Chris Boucher, Otto Porter jr

C- Jakob Poeltl, Precious Achiuwa, Christian Koloko

Pros πŸ‘:

  • Lots of good young players

  • young depth

  • floor spacing

  • suit Scottie play stile

  • good defense

Cons πŸ‘Ž:

  • Lose two great players

  • not that many picks

  • will be losing for a few years

To conclude, this is not a realistic trade but would benefit both sides in my opinion if ATL and LAL are both trying to make a push and raptors need to rebuild. Please upvote, flame, follow for follow and dont just downvote, give me some feed back instead. I must repeat again for those haters, this trade will only occur if a series of events occur. Comment below your feed back πŸ‘‡