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The Lakers Offseason Isn’t Over! Let’s Acquire Another Great Player


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+1 player ($18.6m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $1.3M

+1  Wins

+2.09  MPG

-2.09  Off.

+1.51  Def.

Welcome back to another trade by kawntent sports. In this trade, Rob Pelinka works his magic again and somehow makes the greatest offseason Lakers fans could ever hope for even better, acquiring OG Anunoby.

NOTE: The Lakers 2029 pick is top-1 protected.

Why the Lakers do this:

Gabe Vincent and LeBron James should be sharing playmaking duties for each to shine. Russell did not play up to Laker standards in the playoffs and is the reason we lost, so upgrading him into OG Anunoby improves this team yet again. Anunoby is the perfect wing for this team: solid secondary scorer but great defender, the perfect fit next to LeBron and Reaves. This team has brought back every major player and brought in perfect fits, but we can do better. This trade does exactly that.

Why the Raptors do this:

This is quite possibly the best package for Toronto in exchange for Anunoby. This frees up the frontcourt for Barnes/Siakam/Poeltl to all start together, and gives a second point guard to compete for the starting spot with Dennis Schroder. The Raps get a very minimal downgrade and an improved fit, all while acquiring a first round pick, a pick swap, and a second round pick.

Let me know what you think of this trade. I think it’s perfect for each team but I’m curious what you all think. Share your opinions in the comments!