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Kyrie S&T to the Raptors


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+2 players ($64.8m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $11.4M

-3  Wins

-35.04  MPG

+5.60  Off.

-6.36  Def.



+4 players ($63.4m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $6.5M

+3  Wins

+35.04  MPG

-5.60  Off.

+6.36  Def.

If the Raptors think they can contend with Barnes and Siakam, a player like Kyrie might help push that over the edge. If he buys in with Toronto, he can help space the floor, super charge the offense, and his defense can be covered with the defensive core the Raptors have. THJ will also bring some spacing off the bench or at the 2 next to Kyrie, and is on a team-friendly contract that descends in value moving forward. They also get a future draft pick they can use in trades or keep for later. De Colo, even though he hasn't been on the team since 2014, has a contract used to help facilitate.

Kyrie - Trent Jr OR THJ - Barnes - Siakam - Achiuwa

For Dallas, they would get a number of key role-players to surround Luka with. FVV can be the secondary playmaker a star needs while also bringing shooting and defense to the backcourt. OG is a perfect fit next to Luka as a defender and 3 point threat who could develop into more. Poeltl helps fix the interior defense and the rebounding, and could be a great pick and role option with Luka. They also swap out their 2027 pick for another pick in the lottery. If they could grab two role players with their two picks (Two of Hendricks/Walker/Wallace/Bufkin/Miller would be ideal), then they are set up in the short and long term

Luka - FVV - Green - OG - Poeltl