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What I what do as GM of the Dallas Mavericks for this offseason


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+1 player ($11.0m),
Cap Impact + $2.5M

+ 0  Wins

-0.80  MPG

-1.42  Off.

+1.46  Def.



+8 players ($67.9m),
Cap Impact + $27.1M

+2  Wins

+27.73  MPG

-2.36  Off.

+0.23  Def.

Please let me know if I'm delusional. I probably am, but I really like this concept.

Trade with Brooklyn:

Nets receive

Josh Green

Jaden Hardy

AJ Lawson

Olivier Maxence Prosper

Maxi Kleber (flipped to Cleveland for Georges Niang to save money)

2025 1st round pick (Would actually be 2031, but the pick isn't in fanspo)

2028 second

Mavs receive:

Cam Johnson

Dorian Finney-Smith

Why this trade is good for Dallas:

These would be elite forwards off the bench. Already a fan favorite in Dallas, Dorian brings great defense and shooting off the bench and could potentially start over DJJ. Cam Johnson, while certainly has his flaws and has a questionable contract, he is still a good bucket off the bench and at 6'8 brings great size.

Why this trade is good for Brooklyn:

Saves them a lot of money, along with embracing a rebuild, getting some good young pieces and an unprotected first

Trade with Toronto:

Raptors receive:

Tim Hardaway Jr

2024 2nd

2028 2nd (2x)

Mavs receive:

Gary Trent Jr (s/t, 3yr/46.4mil)

Why the Mavs do this trade:

While I've seen many reports of Gary's value being less than this going into the offseason, I just don't see it. I made a trade earlier where he had a lower contract in this and people seemed to notice as well. He's worth more. I think he'd be a great bucket off the bench for Dallas as well as a scrappy defender. Good 6th man role to replace inconsistent Hardaway. This is a steep price, but it's also to get off the Hardaway contract and free up some money immediately to compete asap. Might be a little much, but probably worth it so we can guarantee we get him, as we don't have money for him in FA.

Why the Raptors do this:

Gary can easily just leave in free agency for nothing, and I have a strong suspicion he's gonna wanna go to a better situation. This way they can get draft capital in return, and free up some more money in 2025.

Free agency moves:

-Use our nontaxpayer Mid Level Exception/MLE (12.8mil) to sign Derrick Jones Jr to a backloaded 3yr/42.1mil contract, paying him just 100k less than the MLE in order to get him resigned. This is crucial.

-Resign Markieff Morris to a 2yr/Vet-min

-Sign Boban Marjanovic to a 2yr/Vet-min

-Sign Reggie Bullock Jr to a 1yr/Vet-min

-Sign TyTy Washington Jr to a 3yr/4.5mil

Mavs rotation:

PG: Luka Doncic/Dante Exum/TyTy Washington Jr

SG: Kyrie Irving/Gary Trent Jr/Reggie Bullock Jr

SF: Derrick Jones Jr/Cameron Johnson/Markieff Morris

PF: PJ Washington Jr/Dorian Finney-Smith/Dwight Powell

C: Dereck Lively II/Daniel Gafford/Boban Marjanovic

Two Ways:

-Sign Brandon Williams to a two way

-Sign Taze Moore to a two way

I think if we fail to make a finals run (or even if we just embarrass ourselves in the finals) we should be looking to do something like this. This makes our team even MORE elite defensively, gives us insane depth and doesn't stray from our core (Luka, Kyrie, PJ, DJJ, Gaff, Lively, Exum). Yes we are giving up a lot of draft capital and taking huge hits financially but in my opinion it's completely worth it and this is a 60 win 1 seed and guaranteed chip if fully healthy.

Side note: All of these players are either proven/or will most likely thrive in an AB(X)-Heliocentric offense. Perfect fit. Can't get better than this.

Please let me know if this is even possible because I have high suspicions it's not possible. This seems to good to be possible. Also let me know who passes here and why. Any and all feedback is encouraged as well as discussions on the plan. Also make sure to like and flame. Thanks for reading!