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NBA prospects that fanspo needs to add to their list of draft prospects (so that I can stop using Tre White as a substitute).

I'm not 100% certain these guys aren't in their big board but I couldn't find them. Theses aren't in any specific order.

Hunter Dickinson 7-1 255lbs 18pts, 9reb, 1.5ast, 1.6blk, 0.5stl 2021-22 NCAA all-region, Consensus AA.

Ben Sheppard 6'6 185lbs 19pts, 5reb, 3ast, 1.4stl, 42%3pt (he's really good coming off screens for three) Sherif Gross-Bullock 6-4 230lbs 17pts, 5reb, 3ast, 1stl, 40%3pt

Taevion Kinsey 6'5 185lbs 22pts, 5reb, 5ast, 1.7stl, 0.5blk, 40%3pt but on only 1.5 attempts

Isaac Jones 6'9 242lbs 19pts, 8reb, 1.7ast, 1.1blk, 0.6stl,

Jaelen House 6'1 160lbs, 17pts, 4reb, 5ast, 2.6stl, 0.7blk, 38%3pt plays for New Mexico

Jamal Mashburn Jr 6'2 175lbs 20pts 3reb, 2ast, 0.8stl, 39%3pt only 1.6 tov, that's pretty good considering his volume as a scorer.

David Jones 6'6 195lbs, 13pts, 7reb, 1.6ast, 1.3stl, 31%3pt

Darius McGhee 5'9 160lbs, 23pts, 3reb, 3ast, 1.6stl, 41%3pt on 11.3 attempts, for a 5'9 guy he has no problem getting above the rim. Side note I find it crazy that Liberty could win their conference with two 5'9 guys in their starting lineup.

Tyler Kolek 6'3 182lbs 13pts, 4reb, 8ast, 2stl, 40%3pt he's probably the most improved player in the Big East and the main reason for Marquette's success.

Eric Dixon 6'8 260lbs 16pts, 7reb, 1.5ast, 0.6stl, 0.6blk 38%3pt, he'll probably have to lose weight to fit in the NBA because he's a bit of a tweener.

Jaylen Forbes 6'5 185lbs 19pts, 5reb, 2ast, 2stl, 0.4blk, 39%3pt

Antoine Davis 6'1 165lbs 28pts, 3reb, 4ast, 1stl, 41%3pt on 12 attempts

Nelly Junior Joseph 6'9 230lbs, 15pts, 10reb, 1ast, 1stl, 1.5blk, he's steadily improved each year.