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Welcome to Fanspo, the new home for TradeNBA and more!

June 11, 2021 by Zach @fanspo
Notice anything different?

TradeNBA started with the simple goal to create a better NBA trade machine. We launched on the NBA subreddit back in 2018 and quickly became a go-to resource for smart NBA fans, professional writers, analysts & agents. We got great feedback for what we had built, but people wanted us to build more. So we added best-in-class tools for the NBA draft - Custom Big Boards and a Mock Draft Simulator. We also heard from fans of other sports: could we create an NFL trade machine? How about similar resources for MLB? So we created to be the place where sports fans of all kinds explore the games they love and create unique, shareable content.

In the meantime, the TradeNBA community thrived. You competed hard for Trade of the Day status, built friendships, and shared your creations on Twitter, Reddit and other team sites. The trades you created sometimes were just an excuse to discuss other NBA topics, like last night's game, or your ranking of the best point guards in the league. So now is making it easy to have fun, smart discussions with other sports fans.

New features we’re launching today
  • 🧬 New site architecture: Zones (NBA, NFL), Spaces (Teams & other topics)

  • 🛠️ New tool: best-in-class NFL Trade Machine

  • 🗣️ Enhanced commenting and posting abilities (YouTube videos, gifs, polls, pinned posts & more)

  • 👀 Your own feed of posts based on who you follow and spaces you join.

  • 💅 Custom profile themes and enhanced user controls

  • 🚀 Many other upgrades and bug fixes


Don't worry: nothing you love about TradeNBA is going away and if you were a registered member already, all your data is being brought over to Fanspo. All pages from TradeNBA are now being redirected to the proper pages on Fanspo, including your profile and past creations. We've categorized past posts for you automatically based on your favorite teams and post content. A Trade Finder and additional tool specific filters will be added soon to help in finding interesting proposals and topics.


Please leave a comment or email us [email protected] with any feedback, bug fixes, or questions - including if you want to be a moderator of an existing or new Space (suggest your own!).

Our goal is for Fanspo to become The Social Network for Sports Fans™ and we're just getting started. Thank you so much for being part of this community and taking this journey with us! ❤️


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