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Amen Thompson

Overtime Elite

HT/WT/WS6' 7", 199lbs

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Leif Thulin



Amen Thompson is a special athlete with passing chops but there are questions about just how good he truly is now and how that impacts his long term prospects to be worth a top 5 pick. Amen played in the Overtime Elite league, beating up on inferior competition. Competition aside, Amen Thompson is a 99th percentile athlete who could step into the NBA and thrive defensively and with impressive playmaking skills. He really struggles to shoot the ball and is not the youngest prospect, making only scoring 16 ppg slightly worrisome vs younger athletes. Amen Thompson could be somewhat of a 6’6” turbo athlete playmaker who gets to the rim at will and defends high level wings on the opposite end but there is fair scepticism about his shot.

Strengths: Tremendous athlete Big lead guard. Height and strength Lightning fast in open court and in half court with first step 74% around the rim. Sees over the defense and passes promptly Downhill attacker. Good patience as a passer Improving floater game. Great rebounder. Good instincts defensively in passing lanes. Weaknesses: Poor Shooter with poor showing at pro day. Shot 29% on jump shots and 66% from free throw line. Drives recklessly at times. Can force going downhill due to lack of shot. Not a gifted scorer in terms of knowing how to score without physical traits. Must improve mid range game. Swing Skills: Amen Thompson must become a better shooter to realize the potential he possesses in a dream body for the modern NBA on ball guard who has serious 2 way upside. Thompson shot so poorly in pro day workouts that he abandoned displaying the shot at times. The upside is so clear of a guy who can score 18-20 ppg and dish out 8 plus assists while being nearly all defensive team caliber but his lack of shooting nor proof of success in more reputable leagues put pause into teams making the evaluation. His potential might be the second highest in the class should he hit to the 100th degree.

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1# Kid Rock Fan



I mean he is good, just there is something about him, I have dreams and visions of him being a bust, I won’t listen to the visions…yet.

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Tier: Franchise Changer

Player Comparisons: Ja Morant, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Amen is the better of the talented Thompson twins, although Ausar is still elite. Amen is an elite athlete. He took an interesting route to the NBA, playing at Overtime Elite instead of going to college. However, it's still easy to see that he's an elite prospect with franchise-changing capabilities. He's a 6'7" combo guard and one of the most explosive players in the draft. He's a great playmaker and can put a team on his back if need be. He's got a quick first step and is a great finisher, often soaring through the air for flashy dunks thanks to his fantastic bounce and long wingspan. His biggest weakness is his jump shot and he has much room to improve. He also often struggles from the FT Line. He also sometimes gets overconfident and tries to do too much, leading to careless turnovers.

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Brett Bischel



-----Age:20.4 / So
Pts:16.3 ↑
Reb:6.4 ↑
Ast:6.2 ↑
Stl:2.4 ↑
TO:3.2 ↓
3pt:23.3% ↓↓
  • Overtime Elite (OTE) is a American professional basketball league for 16–20-year-olds.

  • OTE Champion (2023)

  • Height w/o shoes: 6'5.75"

  • Wingspan: 7'0.0"

  • Did not participate in pre-draft NBA combine max vertical.

  • * Worked out for the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Bio: Overtime Elite, January 30, 2003 (20), 6’5.75”, 214 lb, Wing



  • Athleticism

  • Passing

  • Getting to the rim


  • Shooting

  • Passer, not playmaker

  • Played in low competition level

  • Needs to add a better pullup jump shot


Amen and his brother represent a new era or basketball by way of OTE. The up and coming program plays at a pretty low competition level and that is why I don’t have him higher. He has crazy athleticism and his theoretical potential is crazy high, but I think that the jump to the NBA level will turn him into more of a role player. He isn’t the best decision maker. If the shooting never comes around, then neither will his playmaking. In short, he has potential, but also has strong bust potential.

Shades of: Hamidou Diallo

Analysis done by @mrdraft. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Raw Hoops



20.4 year-old 6'7 PG/SG/SF. Playmaking Slasher. Amen will enter the NBA as a top 10 athlete in the league. His unreal leaping ability and playmaking flashes are beyond intriguing. He plays with his head up and moves fast, eager to set up his teammates for an open look, but not shy to attack the rim when he has an open lane. He has somewhat of a midrange jumper, but anything beyond 15-feet has been a struggle for Amen. The shot form continually changes and it is clear he is making adjustments to try and improve it. Maybe with a good shooting coach Amen could become somewhat of a threat from range, but it is nothing to bank on. Amen projects very well defensively with his size, length, and athleticism. He has a knack for steals, good defensive instincts, and is great in transition defense. However, he has many bad habits, especially off-ball, that would be a liability if he were on an NBA floor tomorrow. He is often too aggressive in going for steals, turns his back to the ball, and gets beat by the backdoor cut. I do see Amen being a good NBA defender, but it will require some work from the coaching staff of the organization that drafts him.



++Feel For The Game

++Pass Vision



++Scoring Production

+Basketball IQ



---Defensive Consistency


-Decision Making

Shades Of:

Ja Morant, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Cade Cunningham, Ben Simmons (shorter and more athletic)

Ceiling: Hall of Fame, 2 Way Playmaker

Floor: Starter, Slashing Gadget

Team Fit:

Amen's potential is largely dependent on the willingness and ability to develop him by the organization that drafts him. He can be your franchise player, but there is work to be done to get him to that point. Amen would be best suited on a team that lets him have the ball in his hands to make plays for himself and others. Being surrounded by shooting and a good team defensive system would be ideal for Amen.

Best fits within range: San Antonio, Washington, Utah, (New Orleans, Houston)

Analysis done by @RawHoops. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Looking at my board it's crystal clear: I have Amen and Ausar lower than the consensus. First, I'll defend my point of having Amen a lot higher than Ausar. I think their projected role in the NBA clearly makes Amen a player a lot more likely to have a high celling in the NBA. What's the ceilling of a uber athletic ball handlers in the league? Regular season MVP-level players: like Westbrook, Ja, Zion, Giannis and Rose. What's the ceilling of uber athletic wings that have shooting issues? Borderline or perennial All-Star: Rudy Gay, Demar DeRozan and Jimmy Butler.

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Amen Thompson is one of the most interesting basketball players I have ever encountered. His athleticism and finishing ability is on the Scoot Henderson level, and Amen is 5 inches taller. I also really love his passing, definitely can see him running a good NBA teams offense one day. The defense is legitimately really good as well. The 3-point shooting has a long ways to go, but Amen is so good at so many other things that he still is one of the best prospects in this draft class.

Best team fits: Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz

Analysis done by @ArmChairScout. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



When people say the Thompson twins have great athleticism, they aren’t joking. He’s an insane athlete with an unreal vertical. He has a quick load up and he’s an above the rim finisher. He can change directions quickly and can slash through the defense to finish at the rim. His insane athleticism and slashing gives Amen a high ceiling, and his bankable slashing and playmaking gives him a reasonable floor. At the least, he’s an elite slasher who’s great on defense. His defense is one of the best in the class, he’s got super long arms and his aforementioned athleticism allows him to be a lockdown defender. His big concerns are his jumper, which doesn’t have a good pathway to improve (horrible FT% and isn’t a good midrange shooter). Amen’s a talented player with lots of outlier skills which could make him a great NBA player.

Analysis done by @jbb. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Generic Person



Amen Thompson is one of the most athletic playmakers we have ever seen. He has an insane vertical and when put together with his amazing ability to shift his way around the floor it makes up an elite physical profile. At 6’7”, he’s huge for a guard and has really bullied his way into doing whatever he wants with Overtime Elite. Even though he hasn’t displayed crazy stats it’s very clear that he is a level above everyone else in the program despite the immense talent involved. Amen has a very shifty handle and is just a great fast-twitch athlete which allows him to work his way around defenses as he pleases while with OTE. Amen can get to the basket and ride up over anyone he wants, whenever he wants. He’s a monster in transition when it comes to running the floor for easy lays. He can fly in over defenses at such a lightning-fast pace, that he’s just impossible to stop. Right now those types of plays are what he mostly relies on when trying to score because his jump shot is frankly pretty awful. The shooting splits are horrific and the free throw percentage isn't too hope-inducing either. The fact that he isn’t able to produce good shooting numbers against such weak and inexperienced competition is really worrying about how his shot looks now and how it’s supposed to project. It’s really a mechanics issue that calls into question how his shooting was brought up. He looks uncomfortable shooting it from three and I'm sure he wouldn’t really shoot it if there wasn’t pressure for him to do so. In the midrange, he doesn't look quite as bad as he likes to threaten opponents with little pullups, jab steps, and fadeaways. Can he become a good three-point shooter at any point? Probably not. Could he get close to the league average? Possibly. If he does develop enough of a shot to at least give defenders some sort of reason to watch him on the perimeter, that would help his game and ability to be used as a guard immensely. He has shown flashes but he needs to practice bringing out the range of his shot. He relies too heavily on athletic yams and it seems like he just hasn’t practiced his three. If he doesn’t I'm afraid he might just fall into the Ben Simmons category of players which are honestly very hard to utilize at all. The Intriguing part of Amen’s offensive repertoire outside of his athleticism, is his ability to read the floor and make plays for others. He plays like a real point guard that looks to pass, which isn’t something you see very often from a guy that’s 6’7”. His sheer gravity on offense allows him to draw in the defense for easy kickouts but he definitely has shown a lot more than that. He can read the entirety of the court well and he loves to throw up lobs for big flashy plays. He’ll occasionally look like he should be a quarterback with the way he slings the ball down to a slasher in downhill situations. He’s great as a passer in transition and is pretty selfless when giving it up despite having the athletic capability to score himself. His tendency for these highlight passes can at times be a negative as it’s quite turnover prone. He gets a little too excited with the ball and needs to keep himself under control a bit more. Despite being an effective passer already, I think he might improve, especially when it comes to turnovers, once he gets some better offensive targets. Amen has the talent and skill with the ball to be a lead guard and ball handler in the league. I do have questions as to what he can provide without the ball in his hands other than being a cutter but that isn’t too much of a concern as I think he will stake his claim as a distributor. Amen is a solid defender but with his tools, he could be a lot better. He has big mental lapses, especially when it comes to off-ball defense. He’s better on the ball but I think that this is mainly due to his athletic prowess and dominance. One factor for the lack of maturity could be OTE itself as he’s guarding very sloppy and weak competition that has the same inexperienced weaknesses that he has himself. He would have to have quite a bit of improvement in the mental aspect if he wants to be a top talent on defense but he certainly has the tools and ability to do so. As much as I'm criticizing him, I wouldn’t say the defensive side of the ball is much of a weakness for him nor would I describe him as some sort of liability on that end of the floor. Amen is the first big look into how OTE develops prospects for the NBA. He is the first real high-level talent to come out of the program and not only is he a high-level talent but an elite one. I feel that the league isn’t amazing for preparing young talent for the NBA as it promotes sloppy and flashy play. I hope Amen dismisses these worries for me by having his talent shine through but I’m doubtful. He has the ceiling to be a top-10 player in the league and if he shows improvement in his biggest weakness, shooting, against higher-level opponents he could possibly earn some talk as the second selection.

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