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Jalen Hood-Schifino


HT/WT/WS6' 5", 200lbs









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Jonathan Givony

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Leif Thulin



Jalen Hood-Schifino 6’4.5” w/o shoes 217 lbs 6’10.5” wingspan 19.9 years old Freshman, Indiana 13.5 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 3.7 apg, 0.8 spg, 41.7% fg%, 33.3% 3%, 77.6% ft%.

Overview: Jalen Hood-Schifino is a big, score first guard who knows how to run the point guard position who will punish drop coverage in the NBA. Jalen’s shooting splits are not brilliant but I believe him to be a better shooter than the numbers indicate because Indiana played a post oriented, archaic offense that left little space for Hood-Schifino to operate. Secondly, he was the guy who would get the ball with no time left and chucked the grenade, hindering his FG%. Hood-Schifino has ideal size for a point guard and uses it to boggard his way to the rim, finding areas of space to pull up, as well as passing over the top of defenders. JHS is not super quick but does not struggle to create for himself and projects to play best in a system where he is not the only creator so he can balance scoring and passing. He projects as a top 20 pick with scoring upside that makes him an intriguing prospect in the late lottery. He reminds me a bit of Spencer Dinwiddie.

Strengths: Big Point Guard. Excellent mid range shooter. Made 42% of 2 point jump shots. Uses strength to his advantage on offense and defense. Experience as the point guard demonstrated passing instincts. Believes he is THE MAN. Good touch on floaters. Shot 44% from the top of the key from deep. Shot 38% on pick and rolls from deep. Shot 39% above the break from deep. Used to playing pick and roll with an NBA caliber athlete. Good handle

Weaknesses: Not good at catch and shoot. Needs the ball in his hands. 31% on catch and shoot. Not super fast, not super bouncy. Poor finisher at rim. 52% at rim. Not many dunks for a 6’6” guard. Below the rim finisher. Despite high usage, only shot 2.4 FTA’s per game. Not a natural assist guy. Can be turnover prone. Multiple games with 6 turnovers.

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Brett Bischel



-----Age:20.0 / Fr
PER:13.0 ↓
2pt:44.9% ↓
  • Height w/o shoes: 6'4.25"

  • Wingspan: 6'10.25"

  • Did not participate in the max vertical at the NBA pre-draft combine.

  • Indiana went 23-12 in 2022-23 and lost in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament (#4 seed).

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Bio: Indiana, June 19, 2003 (20), 6’4.25”, 217 lb, Point Guard



  • P&R playmaking

  • Shooting

  • Solid floater game

  • Good ball handler


  • Struggles to get past defenders

  • Isn’t a consistent threat on a nightly basis

  • Tends to be ball dominant

  • Not the quickest defender


Hood-Schifino went from a mid season rise, to a dramatic fall in big board rankings. This season for him could truly be encapsulated with a roller coaster. On the positive side, he is a rock solid point guard who is able to do all the point guardy things: run the pick and roll, handle the ball, shoot. His athletic limitations, and consistency issues may put a damper on his evaluation for many scouts.

Shades of: Malcolm Brogdon

Analysis done by @mrdraft. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Raw Hoops



20.0 year-old 6'6 PG/SG. 2-Way Playmaker. JHS is a big lead guard who is most comfortable in the pick-and-roll and the midrange. He can be a knockdown sharpshooter, but has shown to be streaky and inconsistent from range. He is a great defender, sliding his feet well and getting sneaky deflections. JHS doesn't shy away from contact when finishing, but he can have trouble creating separation and has struggled making his shots around the rim. With the help of NBA shooting coaches, JHS could develop a more consistent jumpshot and improve his free throw shooting to become an elite 2-way player.


++Defensive Versatility

++On-Ball Defense


++Midrange Scoring





--Streaky Shooting

--Offensive Consistency




Shades Of:

Spencer Dinwiddie, Deron Williams, Cade Cunningham

Ceiling: Starter, 2-Way Playmaker

Floor: Bench, 2-Way Playmaker

Team Fit:

JHS thrives with the ball in his hands, but he could also do well next to a good playmaker that gets him open looks from range. No matter how they decide to develop him offensively, a team with backcourt availability will be interested in JHS' defensive tools and upside in the mid-first round.

Best fits within range: Toronto, New York, Utah, Miami

Analysis done by @RawHoops. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Generic Person



Jalen Hood-Schifino has been really intriguing for me. He’s a tall point guard that can do a lot with the ball in his hands. He stands at 6’6” and his height definitely allows him to do some things that most other lead ball handlers can’t do. He isn’t super shifty with the way he moves the ball around but he does have nice fundamentals, whether that be to himself or to others. He is very stable with the way he keeps the ball under control. He beats the ball hard into the floor which makes it easy for him to move when needed. He tends to not execute a dribble move if something isn’t directly attacking him which causes his offensive initiations to come across as quite linear. I would like to see some more creativity in his creation as I’m afraid he’ll be an easy target for good defensive reads at the next level. Defenders in college already watch him when he has the ball as he occasionally carelessly leaves his handle loose and victim for an effortless turnover. Defenders can unsettle him by simply applying a heavy amount of on-ball pressure. He can dish the ball well when he needs to but he makes it difficult for himself by getting into uncomfortable situations. Jalen uses his size pretty decently but he doesn’t display a lot of agility or speed consistently so he doesn’t bring a lot of rim pressure. He doesn’t like going for layins or post moves which makes sense seeing that he isn’t the most efficient on the inside but this causes some other issues. He has a nice floater and has good form off of pull-ups but in the NBA these are widely regarded as slow and ineffective shots. As mentioned earlier, he is a solid playmaker. He works best in half-court sets and in pick and rolls. When in set moves he is able to set the pace due to more of a familiarity with the play. He reads defenses well when getting the ball to a rolling big man with a bag's worth of passes. He didn’t have many shooters around him at Indiana so I would like to see how adding some spacing could affect his game. He’s been very inconsistent when it comes to his touch from the outside. Jalen has never been known as a shooter ever since high school. He will have some promising performances where he shoots a good split from three but these games are too far and few between to really account for much. What’s odd is that his form looks really good. He has a beautiful arc and the release has nice positioning, albeit a bit slow, but the shot just hasn’t been falling for him. His free throw percentage has also been poor for a guard which is usually a projectable indicator of developing good form in the future. He doesn’t have the fastest release and it didn’t really seem to matter what part of the court he shot it from which both aren’t good signs. He shot equally unencouraging splits from both the left side of the perimeter and the right. I would have felt a little bit better about how he could improve if there was a part of the three-point line where he did shoot the ball well but unfortunately, there isn’t. Jalen is a talented and intelligent defender with a good positional size. He attacks ball handlers with a lot of tenacity. He’s always trying to poke at the ball to create a turnover and he has the measurables to do so. He’s fast laterally and stays aware of switches. He can play up and down the lineup decently well so when matchups are shifted around, he stays competent. His size allows him to keep his stance and not get pushed around. He’s got a muscular frame so he can stay steady on larger positions. He uses his size and moves his bulk to push over and around screens which is very potent when paired with his ability to read the floor. Teams could assign him to wings more often than guards due to his more physical defensive profile. I’m unsure of how Jalen works as a lead guard in the league. He relies a lot on the mid-range as a playmaker and scorer which is something NBA teams have been growing farther and farther from as half-court offense has been a lot more spread out and perimeter centric. If he doesn’t have a reliable three-point shot to fall back upon, I don’t know how he’ll end up as a player that warrants time with the ball in his hands. Despite my concerns, all of the traits that scouts love are all there. He has a lot of size and has been productive at a high collegiate level.

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JHS is a solid guard who is great on ball. He can facilitate an offense and is good on both ends of the court. He's got a strong frame and he's a great competitor who always gives full effort and is a great leader. He's aggressive defensively and should be a solid defender in the league. He's a decent shooter but does occasionally struggle from 3 and the FT line. He has room to improve but I could see his percentages going up as he gets accustomed to the big leagues. He's great in the pick and roll game and he can score off the dribble. He can score from the mid range. He's a good playmaker and knows how to manipulate the defense. He's not a great finisher and isn't very explosive. He's inconsistent as a shooter and isn't great at the catch and shoot game. He can get sloppy with the ball at times and turn the ball over.

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Elite pick-and-roll threat as a playmaker or pull-up shooter. Good at catch-and-shoot from three. Very good touch on floaters and shooting stroke in general (pronounced follow throw always on line to the rim). Terrific defender who moves his feet and gets skinny going around screens. Active off-ball defender who boxes out for rebounds. Streaky shooter, but has enough physicality and athleticism to not be played off the floor due to defense and playmaking. Great at staying low on defense, but can get beat by hyper-quick guards.

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Ben Mackoff



Jalen Hood-Schifino- Indiana (PG/SG) Age: 20.0 6’6 215 (Spencer Dinwiddie)

Good size for a combo guard with his height and he has a very long wingspan that he utilizes on the perimeter to guard. Not an explosive athlete and could struggle getting to the basket at times but has a good handle and monorovers well in traffic and uses his body well to create space and almost never gets sped up despite some turnover issues. Extremely streaky 3 point shooter but thrived in the pull up mid-range game coming off screens. Good passer and can make passes with both hands. Works very well in the pick and roll as a passer, pull up shooter or driver.

(32gs 33.1mpg)(13.5ppg, 4.1rb, 3.7ast, 41.7fg%, 33.3 3pt% 3.5 3pa)

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Great Frame for a pg Loves P and R mid range scorer 42% on far 2s 216 attempts high volume likes to go right constant pull up jumpers physical good passer with zip on the ball, quick decision maker, likes to throw lobs throws good skip passes gets to his spot size makes him really effective defender,great even fights through screens quicky small guards defending him gives him problems telegraphs passes average to below average athlete did not get to the line 18.9 FTR average 3 pt volume 6.1/100 33% reminds me of current derozan bulls, less athletics but can run an offense great middy 2022 5 Star Number 23 on 247 Number 26 on ESPN

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Ian Monje



So many college players are considered to be streaky, and Jalen Hood-Schifino is no different. Like Keyonte George, Hood-Schifino is best when he is the pick and roll ball handler. He really likes getting to his right hand and he utilizes the mid-range a lot, where he shot 46% from the right elbow. I thought he had good elevation on his jump shot, good mechanics, and was really good at opening up space either for himself or for shooters in the corner. I also like his ability as a passer in those pick and roll situations. While he did not display the advanced passing skills necessary for a lead guard (while also not being the best entry passer or finding the cutter), he remained patient in those situations and found someone open in the corner if he couldn't get to his mid-range game. He tailed off from three once January came around. He shot a scorching 48% to begin the year, and only 24% since January 8th. I think he has the game to be an off-ball threat; I have seen enough to believe that he would be great off the catch in the league. He looks to have around a 6'10" wingspan, and I think he should utilize his size as a guard on drives more. He does have a tendency to use his floater in finishing situations, but I think that his size and good first step should be better utilized at the rim and drawing contact, where he only averaged around two free throws a game. He has good, not great, athleticism and it does not really matter for him on the defensive end either. His length and physicality really stand out when I watch him defend. He might be too handsy to make me believe he can play clean games, but I think that being an irritant on the perimeter is a necessary part of his game, being an oversized point guard. I think he has a high motor that allows him to remain disciplined in off-ball situations. He has concerns for sure, but the size, shooting, pick and roll IQ and irritating defense should surely give him a great case to be a lottery selection.

  • Player Comparison: Shades of Johnny Davis and Malcolm Brogdon

  • Projected Draft Position: Late Lottery/Mid-First Round

  • Best Fits: Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers

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