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Summary of the 1 complete year here in FANSPO, thank u everyone :)




+2 players ($26.4m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact - $3.0M
  • DeAndre Jordan
    DeAndre Jordan
    C, 6' 11", -2.11 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big



  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris
    SG, 6' 6", -1.6 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter



  • draft-pick-player

    2028 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2023 - Round 1


-1  Wins

+6.88  MPG

-3.82  Off.

-1.05  Def.



+1 player ($29.5m),
Cap Impact + $3.0M
  • Andrew Wiggins
    Andrew Wiggins
    SF, 6' 7", 1.15 LEBRON
    Athletic Finisher




+2  Wins

-6.88  MPG

+3.82  Off.

+1.05  Def.

This I think is my 1st ever posted trade, yes, it's over 1 year ago, when i was just messing with trade machine, though this is kinda a gd trade to get us a real C (DJ isn't a piece of shit back then) and another sharpshooter (hvn't known of bad contracts), for Wiggins (hvn't known importance of defense) who has been bad by that time, so i just clicked save trade and became a random random creator

And yes, you can see, i don't do these dumb trades now, this is one of the growth of me in FANSPO

About very early March, i just randomly clicked some buttons and made a mock draft, i posted it, and a dude called AsapCohen commented and gave me detailed thoughts, and...

sent me a link for Multi Mock

I was like oh what's this? looked at the rules, it seems quite fun, so i signed up, and listed in the waiting list :)

well luckily, i was able to join, as the Mavs

I had a fun time in Multi Mock, got Luka paired with AD, with a heavily shooting team beside (if ur interested how did i do for my 1st mock:

Since then, im a regular creator in FANSPO, working my way up

I post detailed mock drafts as i watch highlights of prospects, made a WHAT-IF Challenge which i did not finish it lol (see if you did leave one and if it's correct:

Did a very detailed every team offseason transaction, hving every trades i think should happen, every FA signing, every draft picks, definitely my biggest project till now (

Then it's just consistently posting trades with descriptions, inc. a lot of KD Kyrie Nets trade and Russ trades lol

Also all the 2022 draft gradings and trade gradings

Here comes my 2k14 series, re-simming history from 2013 to 2024, while things are so funny (check it out if you have time lol:

And my next 2k14 series, FANSPO CREATORS ON 2k14, this series is so so so so fun, but unfortunately, i kinda slowed down on continuing it, as... (idk where the main post went so this is the one with yall's comparison lol:

as i decided to start my 2k14 mock, not much success in it, not much ppl are participating, and... and my 2k14 crashed and never can be opened again :( (

just saw this back, if you want to know more bout me here's 1 post you can know (

Next thing happened should be ME BEING IN A KOT4Q VIDEOOOOOOOOOO, it was so unexpected and nuts, i was so hyped for the day, wish Kenny can have more interraction with FANSPO (

Idk why i like multiple trade series, here's another one (

and OFC, the biggest project done alone in my life, FANSPO AWARD CEREMONY, this honestly took me a lot of time, for the script, for the voting, but the ending is great, everyone loved it, and it kinda rlly rounds up the year here in FANSPO for everyone

i hope everyone can see this again, i also can't believe i finished this project too:

Trade deadline mock is next, and it kinda is a very successful mock i'll say, simple but fun (i guess) (

And currently, im running the Legend Mock, im sure a lot of yall know what this is (

and i guess that's it

As a celebration of 1 year, i got a Q&A session for yall, so ask all your questions to me, no limits on asking, just anything:

ASAP actually asked a great question, what kept me here for so so so so long and so so so so active?

well i do think im one of the most active creators here, or just how long im here non stop

for the whole year it's just the few days when my computer broke down where im not on FANSPO, and also days when im going out for the whole day, about 3 days

so i think for the whole year i just have a week not here combined lol

In HK, NBA isn't a topic, no one in my sku talk NBA with me, no one got such ball knowledge or understanding of the league like me, not even 1% of me, im not joking, all they know is couple of NBA stars

i always wanted to have someone to talk NBA with, 2 of my frds who actually knows a bit NBA who are overseas just keep getting annoyed by me before i got on FANSPO

i guess you know why im here always now, you guys are same level of NBA fans with me, some being even bigger fan or expert than me, which i can learn from and increase my NBA knowledge

Oh Discord:

Join up yall this is a space we can talk basketball without lag everyday, not just basketball, we extend our topics to some entertaining things, other sports topics, and even some personal topics (ppl in server knows what we always talk about lol)

Honestly we've all become frds now, not great frds, but it's still a normal frd when you can communicate with that person, thx for chatting with me sometimes, and lemme share my stuffs lol

It's a fun place, so come in discord!!!

idk what to say anymore, it's been a great 1 year, looking forward for 2nd year (probably will slow down a bit tho cus next year i will have my ultimate exam which will decide if i can go into subjects i want in university), but im kinda addicted to FANSPO and NBA lol

within 1 year and i hit top 10 in GM points, kinda proved how active im, and how small this site is lol, FANSPO is kinda getting very messy recently, hopefully we, or i, can think of sth that can help

rlly do hope that FANSPO can be a bigger site from now on!!!