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The Sam Presti Endgame (Realistic Joel Embiid Destinations #10)


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+9 players ($25.9m) +9 picks,
Cap Impact - $19.7M

-1  Wins

-34.64  MPG

-8.43  Off.

-2.21  Def.



+9 players ($68.4m) +19 picks,
Cap Impact - $3.6M

-5  Wins

+43.02  MPG

-14.54  Off.

+2.43  Def.

You thought the Embiid series was over? You thought wrong. Welcome to another trade by kawntent sports and another installation of the Joel Embiid trade series. In this deal, the Thunder create the greatest dynasty of all time.

Why the Mavericks do this:

The Mavericks get 10 first round picks and 8 second round picks in the next 4 drafts, along with a variety of younger players and older guys who could use a better opportunity to increase their value. This Mavs team isn’t going to contend lacking a great center, and they capitalize on all the assets they have in this deal to build a future dynasty.

Why the Thunder do this:

You think Luka and Kyrie is an unstoppable duo when healthy? Try adding a player who’s arguably better than either in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and the reigning MVP Joel Embiid. No one is stopping a Luka/Kyrie/Shai/Embiid team with all of them in their prime. That’s 3 top-6 MVP candidates which has never been done before. They also manage to keep Jalen Williams and can sign Kelly Oubre or some others in free agency.

Why the Sixers do this:

The Sixers acquire a DPOY candidate in Holmgren and a ton of players with potential to create their own potential future dynasty. They don’t get many picks but they won’t need them with Giddey/Maxey/Chet and the others.

What do you think of this deal? Let me know in the comments!