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Dame to Miami Herro To Charlotte Trade Idea


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+1 player ($45.6m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $1.8M

+1  Wins

-44.71  MPG

+4.17  Off.

-1.49  Def.



+3 picks

+ 0  Wins

+ 0  MPG

+ 0  Off.

+ 0  Def.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

+4 players ($49.7m) +7 picks,
Cap Impact + $6.3M

-4  Wins

+47.21  MPG

-7.33  Off.

+2.27  Def.



+1 player ($27.0m),
Cap Impact - $7.5M

+3  Wins

-2.50  MPG

+3.16  Off.

-0.78  Def.

Why Miami Does This:

It is no secret that the Miami Heat want to get Damian Lillard, so with this trade they would get him for a reasonable price and thus be able to aim for the dream of winning that desired championship.

Miami’s Next Moves To Make

  • Sign Jaylen Nowell To One Year Contracts Worth The Minimum

  • Sign Goran Dragic To One Year Contracts Worth The Minimum

Starting Lineup:

Lillard, Richardson, Martin, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

Backup Five:

Lowry, Nowell, Jacquez Jr, Love and Bryant.

Rest of The Bench:

Bouyea, Dragic, Highsmith, Cain and Robinson.

Why Portland Does This:

Portland should do this because they get 7 pretty good frps one good player with an expiring contract in Hayward, two good young players in Jovic and Jones and a good three pointer in Duncan Robinson, although he has a very bad contract.

Portland's Next Moves To Make:

  • Send Jeremi Grant to Memphis for Brandon Clarke, Isaiah Todd, John Konchar and 2028 srp via (LAC).

Trail Blazers Ideal Starting Lineup:

Scoot, Simons, Sharpe, Hayward and Nurkic.

Backup Five:

Johnson, Thybulle, Little, Clarke and Brown.

Rest Of Bench:

Rupert, Konchar, Jovic, Walker and Todd.

Why Charlote´s Does This:

It is clear that the Hornets are a very young team with a lot of potential but still can not compete and I think that with the new acquisition of the franchise the new governors of the Hortnets would want to make this move to try to increase the interest of the fans and because this move in my opinion would make them more competitive and would not make them lose that core of young players with potential.

Charlotte's Next Moves To Make:

  • Send Nick Richards and Terry Rozier to Milwakee for Connaughton, Bobby Portis, MarJon Beauchamp and 2028 frp.

• Sign Dewayne Dedmon To A One Year Contract Worth The Minimum

Hornets Starting Lineup:

Melo, Herro, Miller, Miles Bridges and Portis.

Backup Five:

NSJ, Martin, Connaughton, PJ Washington and Williams.

Rest Of Bench:

Ntilikina, Bougknight, Beauchamp, Thor and Dedmon.

Why Oklahoma City Does This:

It is clear why the Oklahoma Cith Thunder would do this, they are giving one frp and getting another frp and two srp so I really don't think they should hesitate to do it.