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Pelicans trade Ingram to surround Zion with shooters

Zion looks to be healthy for the rest of the season, but somehow Ingram and Zion are having trouble coexisting on the court and defenses are taking advantage of it. This trade would fix that problem and be very beneficial for both teams. The Pelicans gain Mikal, who can play off-ball and sharpshooter from 3. He is the perfect fit next to Zion. The Pelicans also trade for Dinwiddie. Spencer is a great ball handler and will fix NOLA starters' offensive struggles. He is also a reliable shooter. The Nets get Ingram, who has a higher ceiling than Bridges and is younger by a bit. They also gain a versatile prospect in Dyson Daniels who was a lottery pick. Along with this, they gain picks from the Pelicans so they can properly rebuild.

Pelicans lineup: Pg: Dinwiddie Sg: CJ Sf: Bridges Pf: Zion C: Valancuinas Bench: G: Alverado, Hawkins, O'neale F: Jones, Murphy III, Ryan, Liddel C: Sharp, Zeller