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Three team trade. Who says no?


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+2 players ($46.7m),
Cap Impact - $1.2M

-1  Wins

-40.11  MPG

+4.94  Off.

+0.39  Def.



+5 players ($40.3m) +4 picks,
Cap Impact + $261K

+ 0  Wins

+46.42  MPG

-6.14  Off.

-0.67  Def.

Clippers add PJ and Harden to create the best lineup in the league when healthy. Giving up only one FRP would be good and the other players they give up are washed.

Harden, PG, Kawhi, Tucker, Zubac

Russ, Mann, Powell, Brown, Plumlee

Sixers flip expiring contracts and 2 FRP’s and 2 swaps to the Bulls for Lavine. He’d be a great fit next to Maxey and Embiid. They also keep Batum as their starting PF. Downside is they lose cap space but i think they’re okay.

Maxey, Lavine, Harris, Batum, Embiid

Beverly, Melton, Oubre, Bamba, Reed off the bench.

With Chicago going nowhere, rebuilding seems to be the best option. Here they get 2 FRP’s, 2 swaps, and expiring contracts. It clears up a lot of cap space next offseason, and it’ll be even more if they can dump Lonzo. I think this is a solid return for Lavine.

LMK your thoughts