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My Miami Heat Wishlist; Who Says No?


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+2 players ($39.1m),
Cap Impact + $6.6M

+2  Wins

-24.77  MPG

+3.42  Off.

+1.66  Def.



+6 players ($80.1m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact + $19.9M

+2  Wins

+55.44  MPG

+1.04  Off.

-2.57  Def.

Why Each Team Does:

Miami Heat: They add the superstar that can push them over the top. Dame is an amazing scorer and an amazing playmaker who can unlock another level in Bam's game. Robert Covington is the four piece they missed all year he can stretch the floor, is perfect in a switch everything defense, and can help with the heat's problem in rebounding. Spencer Dinwiddie adds another scorer of the bench who can take pressure off of the top three guys. Cody Zeller was an amazing backup center when he was playing for the heat that should be a great backup center signing. Craig and Richardson bring in two 3 and D guys that fit perfectly next to the heat's big three.

Trail Blazers: They get a couple of good young players with potential. They get another good first round pick in the 2023 draft which is loaded. They get future first round picks which would be good as Butler and Dame are exiting their prime and the only long term piece on the heat after this trade would be Bam.

Los Angelos Clippers: They add two real guards too a bad to alright guard room. Oladipo brings a defensive minded guard to the Clippers and Lowry brings a playmaking defensive guard to the clippers. Lowry is also connected to a lot of people on the clippers roster in a good way. Leonard is a former teammate, Lue and Lowry have a good relationship, and Powell and Lowry are friends.

Brooklyn Nets: They get a young player, picks, and a flippable asset for Spencer Dinwiddie. I do not see them saying no to a deal like this.

Starting Lineups:

Miami Heat: PG: Lillard/ Dinwiddie SG: Richardson/ Martin SF: Butler/ Craig PF: Covington/ Highsmith C: Adebayo/ Zeller

Trail Blazers: PG: Simons/ Thybulle SG: Herro/ Little SF: S. Sharpe/ Knox II PF: Reddish/ Watford C: Nurkic/ Jovic

Los Angelos Clippers: PG: Lowry/ Gordon SG: Powell/ Oladipo SF: George/ Mann PF: Leonard/ Batum C: Zubac/ Plumlee

Brooklyn Nets: PG: Simmons/ Sumner SG: Bridges/ Thomas SF: Johnson/ Harris PF: Finney-smith/ Coffey C: Claxton/ D. Sharpe