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Griz Salvage Season 3.0


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I still believe in this roster. Ja matters to this offense he's a huge part of their identity. JJJ is a 6'11 and a top 3 rim protector in the league. He already played a lot of 5 last year nearly half his minutes and played the 5 in the closing lineups. I think the Griz want to be able to play a 5 out offense seeing as they also got a backup stretch big with Biyombo.

OG helps the JJJ play the center as well as gives the Griz a legit scoring option to help them stay afloat without Ja and then increase their options when he's back. OG is a versatile defender great on and off ball.


SG. Smart

SF. Bane

PF. Anunoby


  1. Kennard

  2. Adams

  3. Rose

  4. Konchar 10 Roddy

  5. Tillman

  6. Biyombo

  7. LaRavia

  8. Lofton Jr.

Option 1 and 2: