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what I would do as mavs gm


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+1 player ($17.0m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $17.0M

+ 0  Wins

+12.18  MPG

+0.16  Off.

-0.23  Def.



+2 players ($28.4m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $1.6M

-4  Wins

-12.20  MPG

-0.54  Off.

-3.23  Def.



+9 players ($75.5m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $44.4M

+13  Wins

+109.94  MPG

-2.08  Off.

+3.74  Def.

Draft night trade: Pick #10 and Bertans to OKC for two second rounders. OKC helps Mavs clear space and get another first in the draft. Keep in mind, Bertans’ contract is non-guaranteed for 2024-25. Mavs can look at young players for two way spots with the two second rounders.

Trade with Cleveland shortly before free agency: THJ and Bullock and a 2027 1st for Allen and Osman. The Mavs find their starting center helping clear the Cavs’ big man logjam and giving them two much needed wings who are capable of starting and/or bench roles. The Cavs recoup draft capital with the Mavs 2027 first.

Free agency step one: Kyrie 3+1 yrs for $210 million as reported. Maintaining Kyrie (or signing and trading) is critical to have any hope this offseason.

FA Step two: Dillon Brooks for Tax level MLE 4 yrs / $48 million. Brooks’ value is low and $12 million for someone who may end up helping create a defensive culture Kidd desperately wants is a good deal.

FA Step three: Cam Reddish for bi-annual MLE 4 yrs / $16 million. Mavs have had reported interest before and $4 million a year for four years is a decent deal for both sides.

FA Step four: vet mins for Dwight Powell, Theo Pinson, and Markieff Morris. Locker room guys.

FA Step five: convert AJ Lawson to standard 3-year contract. He earned it and the Mavs likely will add two way guys in the draft who will take those contracts.

rotation for Mavs/

  • Luka, Hardy, “Two way 1”

  • Kyrie, Green, Pinson

  • Brooks, Reddish, Lawson

  • Kleber, Osman, Morris

  • Allen, Powell, “Two way 2”