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Realistic Mavs offseason to make them the team to beat


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+1 player ($12.7m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $76K

-1  Wins

+3.03  MPG

-0.79  Off.

+0.05  Def.



+1 player ($11.0m),
Cap Impact + $2.5M

+ 0  Wins

-0.80  MPG

-1.42  Off.

+1.46  Def.



+6 players ($39.9m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $2.0M

+2  Wins

+31.36  MPG

-1.56  Off.

+0.13  Def.

Trade 1: DAL/WAS

Dallas recieves:

Eugene Omuryi

Two 2nds

Washington receives:

Tim Hardaway Jr

Jaden Hardy

Why the Mavs would do this:

Salary dump. Losing Hardy suckssss but getting rid of Hardaway is important. This gives us flexibility in free agency, and flexibility in trades. The 2nds are fine, but not really anything to swoon about, and of course Eugene is immediately flipped in this scenario. As much as losing Hardy will hurt it’s very worth it financially

Why the Wizards would do this:

The wizards are the betting favorites to land Hardaway and are repeatedly interested in him. Perhaps they are looking towards summer 2025 with multiple expiring players that summer. Hardy is the main incentive. With Washington most likely drafting Sarr, Hardy is a great guard fit with the team, especially if Tyus leaves which he will. He’s very young and has a lot of untapped potential


Trade 2: DAL/CLE/TOR

Dallas receives:

Gary Trent Jr (s/t) 4yr/55mil

One Cleveland 2nd

Cleveland recieves:

Maxi Kleber

Toronto receives:

Georges Niang

Eugene Omuryi

3 2nds

Why the Mavs do this:

Trent Jr is the perfect 6th man for the Dallas Mavericks. Giving you 14ppg on 39% three point shooting and really solid defense he’s a great bench addition to a squad that lacks shot creation and scoring depth.

Why the Cavs do this:

Cleveland needs big men. It’s that simple. They have two great ones in Mobley and Allen but no rotation other than that, and both Mobley and Allen are extremely injury prone. Maxi is a stretch 4/5 who can play next to both Allen and Mobley, and give quality big man minutes off the bench. He can’t create a lot offensively, although he’ll knock down the three at a good enough rate to where he can play stretch, but his main thing is his defense and especially defensive IQ. He has very very great ball IQ and with his size and strength he can give you quality bench defense. This should be a no brainer for Cleveland

Why the Raptors does this:

Gary is a free agent. He can leave and walk for nothing. Masai is someone who wants value for his players. To get back 3 2nds, including their own 2025 2nd which will be in the 30s (so basically a first) is good return for someone who can leave and give you nothing. It’s a very masai thing to do, to do a S+T and maximize value


Trade 3: DAL/MIL

Dallas receives:

Bobby Portis Jr

Milwaukee receives:

Josh Green

Two 2nds

Why the Mavs do this:

Front court depth. Bobby is a really solid bench scorer that gives you size and scoring versatility. Not a great defender, but that’s why he’d play the 4 next to either Lively or Gafford off the bench.

Why the Bucks do this:

The bucks very much lack perimeter defense, high energy hustle guys, and spacing off the bench. That’s what Josh brings to the table. Josh is a winner. He’s the type of player contenders would want on their team and can give you whatever you need. He brings exactly what Milwaukee lacks. He can be a bit inconsistent with his confidence, especially scoring wise, which is why the 2nds are given to them (including getting their own 2nd back) but he’s young and has time to build that confidence. He’s a perfect fit in Milwaukee, who are reportedly shopping Bobby to find someone like Josh anyway


Free agency moves:

Resign Derrick Jones Jr to a 4yr/56.8mil contract with the NTPMLE we get from the Washington trade

Resign Markieff Morris to a 2yr/4.7mil contract

Sign Naji Marshall to a 2yr/3.2mil contract

Sign Pat Beverley to a 2yr/4.7m contract



PG: Luka Doncic/Dante Exum/Pat Beverley

SG: Kyrie Irving/Gary Trent Jr/AJ Lawson

SF: Derrick Jones Jr/Naji Marshall/Olivier Maxcense Prosper

PF: PJ Washington/Bobby Portis Jr/Markieff Morris

C: Dereck Lively II/Daniel Gafford/Dwight Powell


Season predictions (fully healthy):

•Go 60-22 and win the West

•Luka averages 32-9-9 as the 1st seed and wins MVP

•Kyrie averages 25/4/5 on 50/40/90 splits and makes the all star team

•Dereck Lively II takes a huge jump and both develops a jumpshot and becomes an even better defender

•PJ Washington and Derrick Jones Jr both get votes for all defensive 2nd team but neither make it

•Mavs go against New York in the finals (I think they’re gonna get Paul George) and win the championship at the AAC in 7

•Finals MVP: Luka Doncic after trying to upper his finals player from 2024, averaging 37/12/8 on 55/45/85 splits