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2022 NBA Full Mock Draft with detailed explanation and comparison

With my first round mock draft reaching 150 views, here's my full mock draft!

Just wanna say im not a guy who watched these guys for the whole season. Im not too deep into any guys, i just watch some highlights, stats, other mock drafts, some scouting report, to make my decision.

For comparison, some are just very hard to get, but i tried my best to look around the league to find the best one. I also force myself to choose current players for comparison, cus i look at other mock drafts sometimes i saw former players im not rlly sure how they plays, and im sure some of you do think so too. So yea that's y i did that. (also those are comparisons those aren't player's ceiling or those kinda stuff)

Also these are guys i did consider to draft but just missed out (acc. to ranking), i truly hope they will get picked up by teams:

Keon Ellis

Matteo Spagnolo

Johnny Juzang

Jalen Williams

Michael Foster JR

Moussa Diabete

Tevin Brown

Gabriele Procida

Hyunjung Lee

Pls do give an upvote and flame this post if you like it, i spent so so much time writing these (inc. my lesson time lol), and upvoting and flaming will rlly mean much for me

And i rlly rlly do want to know your thoughts, to improve my next mock draft (i think there will be next) , and some of the picks i changed after listening to last mock's comment, so plsss comment! , don't be shy lol

Also i think this post will get a lot more views than my other post, i just have a quick question i want to ask, cus i actually live in Hong Kong, not like everyone in America. If there's any of you who also live in Hong Kong can u tell me? Im just curious. (Fun fact most Hong Kong people like the Warriors i guess cus of Curry is way too entertaining lol.)

So yea that's my full mock draft! Thx for viewing this and I hope u will like it! :)