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Chet Holmgren


HT/WT/WS7' , 195lbs









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Leif Thulin



Chet Holmgren: 7'1" 195 lbs Strengths

  • Length and mobility are top notch

  • good shooting touch and feel for game on offense

  • Can attack closeouts and handle the ball

  • Scores as roll man or pick & pop threat.

  • Can play multiple positions (mainly 4 and 5).

  • Very tough and solid rebounder despite lack of heft.


  • Frame may not be able to battle 5's such as Jokic, Embiid (no one can) but Valanciunas, Nurkic, Adams, (maybe Ayton) will be difficult for him to defend.

  • Likely should have shot better from the FT line.

  • Can he play the 5 and not be fatigued due to strain on his frame if he does play the 5.

Has the upside to be a game changing/ team changing defender with the capacity to score 17 points a game with regularity.

Analysis done by @pistoleif. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



The Rundown:

Chet Holmgren is the victim of some of the laziest draft evaluations I have ever seen, coming from both sides. Many Chet believers go as deep as saying “He’s a unicorn! Find another 7 footer who can dribble, pass, and shoot like that, I DARE YOU!”. His doubters go with the route of “Chet weighs 120 pounds soaking wet, no way he can handle an 82 game NBA schedule!”. That tends to be the end of the analysis. I shall try my best to go a little bit deeper, so sorry if this scouting report is disgustingly lengthy.

To start, offense. Well actually to start, the frame. I know I know but it might be important. I don’t think he has a frame that will be able to put on a lot of weight, I think 10-15 pounds is a reasonable expectation. Alright, now actually, offense. In college he translated about as well as everyone anticipated. Against most of his competition, he is simply too long for anyone to adequately cover on a consistent basis. His handle is effective against his current competition, and his athleticism looks perfectly fine. His shot, while a little slow, is productive. However, there is plenty of reasons for concern about how that will look in the NBA. He is currently being hyped up as a unicorn level prospect, due to his guard skills at 7 feet. My worry is that those guard skills will be, for the most part, negated at the next level. His handle, while good for a player his size, would be a fair bit below average for a wing, and his athleticism isn’t enough to consistently blow by bigs. What does that mean? That means that the point of diminishing returns for a big man handle has been passed by Chet. He may be able to drive past a closing out defender, but any more than that I do not think is likely. His shot also has some concerns. Holmgren has a slow, 2 motion release that will almost definitely not result in any pull up equity. Being relegated to a catch and shoot player on offense, in part due to his inability to set a good hard screen and his tendency to get pushed off of his spot when he does try and drive leaving his handle largely irrelevant puts a serious ceiling on his potential as an offensive player. It seems likely that his passing will translate, but not in an inverse pick and roll, if people were expecting that. His processing speed is super high, and he’ll make the right decisions most of the time. This makes me think that he will never be a negative on offense, but a player who can’t roll to the hoop and be a genuine lob threat. There is still some hope for his pick and roll play even without vertical spacing because his finishing technique is just so advanced, but it's just another roadblock for a player that seems to have a lot of those. Guys like that need to be a genius level passer or generational big man shooter to make up for that an be a top 10 pick. I think it’s possible (which you could maybe tell due to my placement, maybe I don’t give you enough credit) but he is in an immediate pit.

Defense is where the lion's share of the appeal lies. If he wasn’t jammed between Evan Mobley and Victor Wembenyama in draft classes, he would be regarded as a once in a generation rim protector. His timing is superb, and he tends to swallow up players in the post with his mammoth wingspan. One of my favorite tells of a good shot blocker is someone being able to block shots with both hands, and it’s looking like Chet is sufficiently ambidextrous. He has the heart of a 90s Knicks player, never afraid of a challenge, and takes genuine pleasure in being a dominant shot blocker, but also a deterrent (the best type of rim protector. Oh hello there Rudy Gobert!). Rim protectors in this age of analytics are tremendously valuable, and Chet will be able to anchor a great defense. Sure, he won’t be able to guard Jokic or Embiid, but I am tired of that complaint. There are very very few instances where he will be an issue for his team on defense, and a big man being an expert postup defender isn’t a huge deal. An expert interior and team defender? Those are the guys that get the big bucks. His switchability is fine, his lateral quickness is nothing special but he will be more switchable than the average big. On defense, his rebound and run potential, the one time that I think his handle will be super impactful, it is obvious where the saying defense leads to offense was generated. At the end of the day, high level basketball IQ players with great discipline and freaky physicals tend to just work out on defense, which is why he is easily, far and away the best defender now, and best defensive prospect in this class, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I also don’t believe that he will be injured out of the league. Some bodies are just durable, and the toughness added to the lack of high flying antics equates to a player that I think will be able to handle the rigors of the NBA.


A transcendent rim protector, who should be switchable enough on defense to manage, who might be in for some troubles on offense due to his handle and jumper that perhaps won’t translate. Him not getting bigger hurts his screening and ability to bounce off defenders, but likely isn’t a huge deal.

Shades of:

Myles Turner with a splash of Kristaps Porzingis, a pinch of Bill Laimbeer

Analysis done by @ShooterMcGrady. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Holmgren is obviously a special talent. However, he hasn’t exactly shown me a ton on the offensive end that makes me want to look past his slight frame and limited strength. Chet is so unique in so many ways that it is just hard to imagine what he'll look like in the NBA. Aside from some big defensive games, I don't really think he ever dominated in college. Part of this was just the fact that he played with college superstar Drew Timme. It could also point to his iffy offensive game though. In his case, you have to see farther than just his rookie season and imagine what he could become. In the future, I could see him being an ultra tall shot blocking forward with guard skills who is a top 10 NBA player. This past season, he was an incredible shot blocker. I see that in the next stage too. He uses his long lanky arms to swat every shot that comes his way. This alone will make him a decent NBA player. Again, the main concern with him is that his skinny frame will limit his scoring opportunities. Still, he has a smooth shot around the rim and fights on every possession. The skill is obviously there, but I have my questions. Towards the end of the season his three point shot really started falling. If he can consistently get open looks from deep, his game could transcend the eye test. He has been dominant defensively and legitimately may be a future star. I have no doubt that he will be a good if not great NBA player.

Comparison: None

Projected Draft Range: 2-4

Best Team Fits: OKC, San Antonio, Indiana

Analysis done by @mrdraft. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Lenny Parsons



Height 7'0

Weight 195 lbs

Wingspan 7'6

DOB 5/1/02 (Draft Age: 20)

Pre-Draft Team Gonzaga Bulldogs


  • Versatile offensive player who can play inside or out.

  • Spaces the floor as a shooter. Continually hear he isn't a knockdown shooter, but has consistently shot over 40% from the perimeter all year. 75% FT shooter.

  • Can work out of the post with hooks, turnarounds or finding cutters.

  • Overall a plus passer inside or out, but has room to improve with his court vision.

  • Oop-threat.

  • Good offensive rebounder.


  • Great rebounder, boxes out consistently.

  • Outstanding shot blocker, defensive footwork, and instincts.

  • Has a chance to be a generational rim protector. A potential DPOY candidate somewhere down the road.

  • Outstanding hip movement who can defend in space and on the perimeter.

Swing Factors

  • Handle/Court Vision - Already has a functional handle for his size and position. If this improves and he begins to see the floor at an advanced level it will be hard to pinpoint what he can't do offensively.

  • Strength/weight - More of an issue for many other evaluators, this will naturally improve to some extent, but will it be enough? His length and footwork should make up for a lot of the lack of bulk, but it's not debatable that this is a priority for him going forward.


  • A defensive anchor and rim protector, who can flexibly fill in where needed offensively with a reliable perimeter shot and the upside to be more.

  • LOW:

  • Chet's weight proves to be as big of an issue as some suspect, he can protect the rim and defend in space in spurts, but is too often bullied. Offensively Chet doesn't make many strides playmaking, his handles aren't operable at the next level and his shooting consistency takes more time to develop than originally thought. Ultimately Holmgren still finds himself as a fringe starter and positive defender.

  • HIGH:

  • Immediately all qualms of weight, strength, and shooting are mummed. Holmgren immediately makes a huge impact defensively as an anchor at the rim and is uniquely special defending in space and on the perimeter for his size. Offensively Chet continues scoring inside and out, shooting an above average 3pt clip from the jump. His passing makes strides rapidly and he begins to find advanced reads while cutting down the turnovers. Quickly the league realizes they are dealing with a perennial all-star and future Hall of Fame player who claims multiple DPOY awards and MVP finalist caliber campaigns.

Analysis done by @leoparso. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Baba Miller SZN



Chet Holmgren is a very versatile offensive big who can defend the rim very well. He is very skinny, but he has a long wingspan and great shooting touch. I like his handle and his drive to the rim aswell, but I’m not sure of his potential. He reminds me of a weird combination of Kristaps Porzingis and Myles Turner.

Ranking Scale:

Athleticism: 6/8

3pt shot: 8/10

Finishing: 7/10

Handle: 7 /10


Defensive Versatility:8/10

Defensive Positioning:8/8

Rebounding:5 /6

NBA Fit:8 /10

Total Score: 64/80

Analysis done by @GoGiants26. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



He is a great shooter, agile, and he can run the floor like a PG. He is a great shot blocker and can rebound the ball easily, and he is a great effecient shooter.

Analysis done by @Cantstopthis. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
NBA Draft



Tier 1

Floor: Core starter

Bullseye: 3+ time all-star, perennial all-defense contention, top 2 player on championship level team

Ceiling: perennial all-NBA, perennial DPOY candidate


Pass - Grade: 86

Notes: Chet is a very high IQ player, has amazing feel, and elite court mapping. Being a perimeter initiator at his size allows him to see over the defense. Chet is patient and efficient in his passing, makes the right reads and makes them quickly. Keeps the offense and players around him moving. He can create scoring situations for others with his directional passing. Great at high-low and downhill/basket cutter situations. He projects to become a great passer out of the short roll. Not at a level where he can he hit shooters on the move or at a standstill quite yet. Chet is a phenomenal outlet passer, this will be very valuable to any NBA offense. Chet's ability to bring up the ball himself and make high level reads paired with his outlet passing ability will juice any team's transition offense. Chet will be a great passer in advantage situations, out of DHOs, and out of pick and pops. Chet will thrive in an NBA offense that will have much more cutting and relocating than his offense at Gonzaga did. Chet should command perimeter and high post touches and be able to initiate offense out of these areas. Chet is a great standstill passer, but is not at a consistent level as a movement passer yet. Chet's patience and feel will make him a good passer from day 1, and there's a good chance he gets to offense hub status. Chet has a realistic shot at becoming a near Sabonis level passer, with a floor of being an Al Horford level passer. Holmgren projects to be one of the better passing 5s in the NBA.

Dribble - Grade: 90

Notes: Relative to his position and body type, Holmgren's ball handling is elite. Holmgren legitimately has guard skills. He doesn't just have the dribbling capabilities of a guard, but the dribbling fluidity of a guard. It is staggering how natural his ball handling is. Holmgren can grab a rebound and comfortably push the ball in transition to go coast-to-coast or initiate offense. Holmgren can be a DHO initiator or receiver. Holmgren will be lethal popping out of the PnR or attacking from the short roll in high PnR. Chet may get to the level of being able to simply space the floor and attack closeouts with his ball handling ability. Holmgren thrives as a handler when given space to create forward momentum, so when that space is cut-off Chet can struggle to attack closeouts. Chet doesn't have a quick first step, and he also has a high center of gravity. So when defenders are able to beat Chet to the spot, he can be stonewalled easily. Many believe this is due to his lack of strength, but it's actually due to his awkward center of gravity and lack of burst. With that being said, with the NBA's spacing and his ability to shoot at a high level Holmgren may eventually able to attack closeouts in the NBA on a game-to-game basis. Holmgren may eventually be able to be a PnR ball handler in a limited capacity as well. Holmgren's length does make it easy to pressure him and force him to pick up his dribble, but Holmgren is good at anticipating pressure and not over-dribbling. Holmgren has a deep bag of behind-the-back, through-the-legs, and crossover dribbles along with great footwork and feel that present limitless exciting possibilities with NBA spacing at the next level.

3pt Shooting - Grade: 88

Notes: Holmgren shot 41/105 (39%) from three this season, with 3.3 attempts per game and 6.6 attempts per 100 possessions. Chet's 3pt volume was not as high as I would've hoped during his time at Gonzaga, but his three point shooting still showed tons of promise this season. Holmgren shot almost all of his threes above the break this season. This is because the large majority of his threes came from being the trailer or from popping out to the 3pt line. Holmgren displayed his ability to pull up from 3 when bringing the ball up in transition. Holmgren shoots the ball with confidence, has great mechanics, and great touch. Holmgren projects to be a high level three point shooter in the NBA. Increasing his 3pt volume from day 1 would be very beneficial to him, hoping to see at least 4.5 attempts per game rookie year, and ideally 5+. His three point volume should increase over time as his career progresses. Holmgren will get lots of open looks from 3, especially early in his career, due to the match up problem he creates. Bigs will not want to have to commit to honoring him on the perimeter, and this will allow for Holmgren to step into open looks on a regular basis. Holmgren's 3pt shooting ties together his impressive perimeter oriented game, and solidifies him as a true offensive threat at the next level.

Mid-range shooting - Grade: 86

Notes: Holmgren has proved to be a reliable mid-range shot maker throughout his career. He shot the mid-range in college much less than he did in high school, which was expected playing alongside Timme. Chet is comfortable shooting from the high post, on turnarounds, and on the rare late shot clock mid-range spot up. Holmgren has great touch which allows him to shoot from the mid-range at a high level, but I don't expect this to be a significant part of his game at the next level, particularly early in his career.

Finishing - Grade: 92

Notes: Holmgren has significant weaknesses of strength and explosiveness, but they do not prevent Holmgren from being an elite finisher. Holmgren uses his length, touch, timing, footwork, and fluidity to be a high-level finisher. Holmgren has knack for positioning himself in situations he can seemingly score comfortably. Holmgren is an ambidextrous finisher with elite touch and poise, and if he touches the paint there's a very good chance he's going to score. Holmgren is great at absorbing contact when finishing, and has turned the weakness of getting bumped off his spot easily into a strength by maximizing on the space that the bump creates. Holmgren can finish off the bounce or off the catch in the paint, and had a high amount of unassisted baskets in the paint for a big (51.5%). Holmgren spins to either side with comfort and puts up baby hooks over defenders with either hand and hits them at a very high clip, regardless of the level of contact. Getting to his spots may have a level of adjustment in the NBA, but he projects to continue finishing at a very high level in the paint.

Off-ball playmaking - Grade: 90

Notes: All 30 NBA teams would love to stick Holmgren into their lineup because of how valuable his sheer presence to your offense is, even without the ball in his hands. This is due to a combination of his IQ, positioning, cutting ability, run-the-floor ability, and shooting gravity. Holmgren can provide you with your traditional big man needs such as screening/sealing, along with his other unique offensive traits. Holmgren can set or come off a flare or pin down. Holmgren is also great at relocating after setting screens, and great at positioning himself relative to where the ball is to create positional advantages for himself and his teammates. Holmgren's versatility will force teams to pick their poison on how to guard him in ball and off-ball screens. Holmgren's traditional big man skills + IQ and gravity make him incredibly valuable to have in your modern NBA offense.

Offensive Rebounding - Grade: 86

Notes: Holmgren is more than a capable offensive rebounder, but it was not a big part of his game at Gonzaga. This was especially the case playing alongside Timme, as Holmgren was often in the high post or the perimeter and therefore not in a position to crash the offensive glass. Being the anchor of their defense, Chet usually prioritized getting back on defense rather than crashing the offensive glass. However, Holmgren is not afraid to get physical, is good at positioning himself, and utilizes his length when he does crash the offensive glass. Like his shot blocking, he has great timing when crashing the glass too and maximizes his length when doing so. He has the capability to create extra possessions by tipping the ball out to teammates, as he understands this is often the best way to maximize his length when it comes to offensive rebounding. Was able to get to 1.8 OREB per game in large part due to this. You can count on Holmgren to be smart and physical when crashing the offensive glass.

Offensive Summary - Grade: 88

Notes: Holmgren's offensive profile is very exciting. He can be used in countless ways on the offensive end. You can count on Holmgren to make himself useful in any way he can. He is a very high IQ player who understands his strengths and can fit into any role. Appears to be extremely coachable. He could fit seamlessly into any offense in the league due to his ability to space the floor, keep the ball moving, make the right reads, and play in any spot on the floor. He is not a high a volume scorer in any area yet, but he has elite touch and has already proved his ability to be a high-level finisher around the rim and presents a very promising three point shot. Holmgren's teammates will love playing with him as he will clear driving lanes for them and will always be an option to reset and run an emergency PnR or DHO. Holmgren is a coach's dream because of his IQ and versatility. I do not project Holmgren to be a go-to guy or to lead a team in scoring, although if his volume increases he will have the capability. I do project Holmgren to be an elite complementary player on offense, who should command many high post touches/top of the key touches and to be have a significant amount of offense partially ran through him. Chet will not be able to punish teams for going small, and will be able to be contained by lengthy and physical wings the same way teams can play KAT and Porzingis. While teams will be able to play him in ways similar to KAT and Porzingis, that does not by any means mean that Holmgren is soft or will shy away from contact. It just means that he does not currently and may never possess the ability to punish the wings that teams may put on him. On the flip side, the Jokic, Steven Adams, Gobert, and Valanciunus type players will resent matching up with Holmgren. Holmgren has a better IQ coming into the league than his offensive comps of the past did, and Holmgren has the benefit of coming into a league tailor-made for his skillset and the benefit of seeing other bigs with his unique skillset play in the league before him. Additionally, Holmgren is more stylistically versatile than similar players before him and can fit into any scheme. Holmgren will be loved by the fan base, coaching staff, and teammates of whatever team selects him as long as they understand that Holmgren should not be expected to carry the offensive load or play bully ball in the post (Shaq and Chuck are not going to like Chet). Holmgren already plays like a veteran, and makes few mistakes for a player of his build and age. Holmgren checks all the boxes for a guy who will be a key contributor for playoff teams for years to come.


Engagement - Grade: 99

Notes: Chet's engagement on defense is the best in the draft. He is a defensive anchor who always has his head on swivel. Calls out coverages. Knows where everyone is supposed to be at all times, and what they are supposed to be doing.

Containment - Grade: 80

Notes: Chet struggles to defend quicker players in space, but teams are often unsuccessful in their attempts to have players attack Chet from the perimeter when he is switched onto them. Chet's IQ results in him maximizing every inch of his length when defending in space to compensate for his struggles to move his feet laterally, and he has elite contest timing. He often appears to have no chance to beat a guy to the spot and is often trailing, but because of his length/positioning/timing he often manages to get a good contest on these drives/isos. His foul rate is a bit concerning, and often gets a whistle in these situations. Defending in space was easier in college than it will be at the next level. Chet is an elite north-south defender, but struggles as an east-west defender. The team that drafts Chet will have to sacrifice regular season possession by allowing Chet to switch on to guards at times, he needs the reps. He struggles to contain ball-handling wings more than guards in space, as they can get into his body with more force. His lateral movement is not great, but his lack of core strength is the biggest issue he has when defending in space. Chet's recovery ability when he is beat on the perimeter is elite, and this is one of the reasons he is not a player who can be played off the floor in the playoffs even as a rookie. Chet projects to get to a level where he can switch on to guards and wings and defend them at a solid level, but Holmgren isn't there yet. If he reaches (or comes somewhat close) to his ceiling at being a switch defender/defending in space, then Holmgren will be a true swiss army knife on defense.

Team Defense - Grade: 98

Notes: Chet has all the tools to be a true defensive anchor, meaning he is an elite team defender. Chet is a quarterback on the defense due to his elite ability to make advanced reads way in advance. Chet's court mapping is elite and he makes all of his teammates better on defense because of it. Chet is elite off the ball, he is basically always in the right spot. Chet is a massive luxury for a coaching staff, and when taking his age into consideration his defensive mind and execution for his age is unheard of.

Rim Protection - Grade: 96

Notes: Will be a great rim protector on day 1, projects to be an elite rim protector. Elite length. Elite timing on contests. Elite rotations. Has a knack for being in 2 places at once. Always in the right spot. Blows up drives and PnRs once they meet him in the paint. Stifles opposing bigs that try to go over or through him. Covers a ton of ground. Projects to anchor a defense. Doesn't sacrifice rebound positioning to block shots, doesn't sell out. Doesn't try to block shots into the third row. Foul rate is a concern, but Chet's IQ projects for him to improve in this aspect. Isn't afraid to get dunked on. Great at defending 2 on 1 situations and forcing uncomfortable/low efficiency decisions similar to Gobert. Blocks shots with both hands with elite coordination. His presence in the paint alters how teams/players play, again similar to Gobert. Has a remarkable blend of sheer will to get a stop, IQ/poise, and freakish physical tools projecting him to become one of the NBA's best rim protectors.

Playmaking - Grade: 95 Notes:

BLK rate (first column) STL rate (second column)

Joel Embiid Kansas, 2014 (11.7 2.3)

Deandre Ayton Arizona, 2018 (6.1 1.0)

Evan Mobley USC, 2021 (8.8 1.4)

Jaren Jackson Jr. MSU, 2018 (14.3 1.6)

Anthony Davis Kentucky, 2012 (13.7 2.5)

Bam Adebayo Kentucky, 2017 (4.9 1.2)

Chet Holmgren Gonzaga, 2022 (12.7 1.7)

Chet compares favorably amongst some of the NBA's best stock leaders compared to their college seasons. Additionally, Chet is great at turning his stocks into efficient transition opportunities on offense.

Versatility - Grade: 86

Notes: Chet's ability to play in every PnR coverage at good to elite level makes him a versatile defender. If Chet improves his ability to defend guards and wings in space and on switches, then he will be a true swiss army knife on defense.

Defensive Rebounding - Grade: 95

Notes: Chet recorded 8.1 DREB per game, with a DREB% of 28.1% which is really, really good. Holmgren is a unique and incredibly effective rebounder. This part of his game is the most underrated. He rebounds at an elite level using the same tools he uses for his shot blocking: positioning, timing, IQ, length, and sheer will to get a stop/scrappiness. He is deceivingly physical on the glass (Shaq and Chuck will like him once they realize this). Chet draws frustration fouls by contesting a shot and still somehow positioning himself perfectly to secure the miss. Chet uses everyone's desire to out-physical him to his advantage, and it shows on the glass. Chet is solid at slipping/ducking/spinning/sealing his way to a rebound, but he prefers to be able to be vertical when rebounding and to grab the ball right as it comes off rim. He uses his elite timing, length, and coordination to do this. His rebounding is especially valuable when paired with his ability to bring the ball up and make outlet passes.

Defensive Summary - Grade: 97

Notes: If I am a rebuilding team with an opportunity to select Chet Holmgren to anchor my defense for the next 10+ years, I am sprinting to the podium to select him without hesitation. Chet has the best defensive instincts out of any prospect in a very, very long time - and is incredibly unique in how he utilizes these instincts. Chet's unique body movements and his instincts result in bizarre, magnificent defensive plays that have never really been seen before. The same Steve Nash used same foot same hand finishes to shield off bigger defenders to make up for his size, Holmgren uses same hand same foot shot contests to make up for his lack of mobility. Holmgren often looks like he's beat, out of position, or back-peddling hopelessly and then will miraculously get a hand on the ball at the last second or will significantly alter a shot. These unique abilities allow for Chet to not just be elite in his role as a rotating help defender, but as primary rim protector and in one on one situations stemmincg from anywhere on the floor. Chet's instincts, complete body coordination, and length provide him with one of the most unique and effective defensive skillsets that the NBA scouts have ever seen. It is so new and unique that there's doubt about its sustainability, but since Holmgren is already remarkably effective in what he does on defense with his length (which isn't going anywhere) and his instincts (which aren't going anywhere) Chet can only further improve on the defensive end. Chet's concerns about his body and longevity are stemmed in his frame, but Chet isn't overly reliant on his mobility for defense. Chet's main focal points on defense being length and instincts rather than tools like athletic vertical and lateral mobility actually suggest that Chet's reign as a defensive anchor will be able to last longer than other center prospects such as Jalen Duren, who's athletic gifts are the essence of his rim protection. Chet's rim protection, PnR versatility, rebounding ability, and intangibles will make him a great defender from day 1 similar to how we saw Mobley do it this year. His defensive floor is high because of this, and his ceiling is perennial DPOY candidate, perennial all-defense. His lack of strength does not hinder his defensive production in the areas you think it would (there are isolated exceptions to this), which is why you should let the tape and numbers speak for Chet's defensive abilities.

Measurables - Grade: 87

Height: 7'0

Wingspan: 7'6

Weight: 195

Frame needs work

Core strength needs improvement along with overall strength

Functional Athleticism - Grade: 70

Solid open court speed for size

Lacks burst

Slow first step

Lacks vertical jump

Lateral movement needs improvement

Analysis done by @Draft1000. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Santiago Medina



white Bol Bol but he's tries and is actually good at defense

Best fit: Orlando but kinda not because he is very skinny therefore likely injury prone and Orlando has the worst medical record in the league by far, Sacramento but also kinda not because he's a very unique prospect that needs to be utilized in creative ways and Sacramento is likely not the place for that, Portland, Indiana

Analysis done by @smedina. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Though Holmgren has dropped on a lot of people’s big boards to 3 or 4 he’s still the best prospect in the class for me. Most of the teams with top picks have a need for a big man as well so I feel like we will see him go 1 or 2 on draft night.

His best attribute as of now is obviously his defense. He uses his 7’1 frame and outrageous 7’6 wingspan to block 3.7 shots per game, good for 4th in the nation. Despite being over seven feet tall he weighs just 88kg. This is one of the main concerns with Holmgren. He is a tough player but if he doesn’t fill out his frame playing against bigger guys in the NBA could be an issue. However, he is extremely mobile for his size and is able to guard out on the perimeter and can keep up with smaller players. Defensively he is the prototype big for the era of position-less basketball we are in.

Offensively Chet isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a 7 footer. He can score down low very well (again, to become great in the paint he needs to fill out his frame) but what really sets him apart from the rest is his perimeter skills. He is shooting near 40% from three on 3.3 attempts per game, insane numbers for a guy his size. He also has an elite handle for a big (we’ve all seen that video of him crossing up Steph) and has solid passing instincts. He can sometimes struggle to create his own shot with his work ethic that will hopefully come with time as he is still only 19.

OVERVIEW: Chet has great basketball IQ on both offense and defense. He is the best defensive prospect in this class and has near unlimited potential on offense given his combination of size, shooting and playmaking. I can see him definitely becoming a perennial all-nba player and even winning an MVP or two in the best case scenario.

COMPARISON: None, a true unicorn.

Analysis done by @KingK. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Age: 19

Chet Holmgren can become a very great player. He has a lanky and skinny frame who can score pretty well. Despite being just 7’0, he is super agile and super athletic. However, he is 190 pounds. If he can fill out his frame I believe he can be a great player. He’s also a pretty good shooter. His touch is there and his shot is slow, but accurate. This year, he shot 45% from three for Gonzaga. He is a great fit next to Timme because he is a floor spacer but can score inside if needed. However, against NBA opponents, he is much too skinny to do so. His defense is the best part of his game. Despite his small frame, he is extremely tough and is great at contesting shots. His processing speed is pretty good and he can jump pretty high. He also has a pretty nice handle, filling the whole bill as a unicorn. Overall, if he can fill out his frame, he can be a great two way floor spacing big.

Analysis done by @jbb. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.