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NBA 2022 First Round Mock Draft with detailed explanations (after NCAA and before Playoffs start)

5 guys I think will go early second round:

Christian Braun

Ousmane Dieng

Trevor Keels

Bryce McGowens

Justin Lewis

Im not very deep in some second round guys, so i just did a first round mock draft (i want the focus to be on first round). Also Im not a guy who clearly knows everyone's game, i just know some of it, so the explanation i think is more focused on team's fit.

The comparisons, some is pretty clear but some it's just so hard... i tried to make the best comparison alrdy. If you have better CURRENT PLAYER comparisons for the prospects, pls do lemme know! (oh btw my comparison on Jaden Ivey is Ja Morant)(and Agbaji is Jae Crowder)

I hope you will like it! I spend so much time on this and paid so much effort as well. If you like it pls do UPVOTE and give a FLAME to promote this, it will be appreciated :)

Also i rlly rlly rlly want to know your thoughts, so pls do comment your thoughts, don't be shy!

full mock draft is coming soon...