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Nets, Lakers, Dallas create contenders! Pacers and Utah get a haul!!!


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+2 players ($48.4m),
Cap Impact - $16.3M

+3  Wins

-23.80  MPG

+6.57  Off.

+3.98  Def.



+2 players ($57.3m) +5 picks,
Cap Impact + $18.1M

-4  Wins

-18.19  MPG

+0.77  Off.

-2.86  Def.



+2 players ($43.9m),
Cap Impact - $2.7M

+2  Wins

-9.87  MPG

-1.52  Off.

+2.67  Def.

Lakers get all that shooting that hurt them this year. The only good shooters were Malik and Bron, that’s not gonna do it. They need 3&d like KCP and green to win a chip and with this trade they get a hell of a lot of 3. Lebron is in heaven with so many elite 3p shooters.

Nets get a more reliable star in Donovan for ben and some first and cam for Myles Turner creating an actual super team with balance not just three superstars and minimum contracts. With this trade you can convince KD to stay.

Dallas get off the bad bertans contract although they have to give up their future draft picks but they get a DPOY candidate next to Luka and probably the best combo from the elite sizer team ( not counting embiid) between seth and ben. Seth already has shown to be elite next to Luka.

Pacers get those 2 first for Myles and buddy, although they still just have to buyout Russ and tank but with a haul.

Utah get 5 first round pick and they are betting against the 2028 nets, the 2029 Dallas and the 2029 wolves. Those are great bets to make for possibly top 5 picks in all of them.

Have a great day and comment your thoughts down below!