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Jalen Suggs


HT/WT/WS6' 4", 205lbs
Projected RoleFranchise point guard









Big Board Rankings


  • Nice size for a lead guard at 6-4. Strong, compact frame. Powerful athlete. Finishes above the rim in space, especially off of two feet. Great body control. Embraces contact. Downhill driver who can change speeds. Great in transition. Active cutter who can play on or off the ball.

Areas to Improve

  • Streaky shooter. Sound mechanics and good balance but a career 27% from 3 on 190 attempts, according to our database. Nothing to suggest he won't become a reliable shooter, but the results just aren't there yet.

Scouting Sources

Mike Schmitz

Community Scouting Reports (45)





Suggs has IT. He has the fire that is impossible to find, the desire to win and be the leader doing it. That by itself is enough for me, but he has the skills to match. He can catch and shoot and create his own (kinda). He is a master in the pick and roll and one of the best defensive guards in the country. While the Gonzaga system has helped, I believe he has helped them even more. It comes down to whether he can create his own shot at a high enough level, I dont quite trust his first step.

Comparision: More athletic Chauncey

Ceiling: Jason Kidd with a jumpshot

Floor: Rookie Tyrese Haliburton

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Antonia Daymond



Jalen Suggs rounds out the Top 3 thanks to his all-around game. He can defend, pass, rebound, and score from all three levels, though he wasn''t as efficient from three. He needs to be more aggressive on the court, but he''s a nice leader. Also, I don't think we should say that Jalen Suggs is a bad scorer (though I do admit Green has the edge), he has a scorer's mentality when he needs to, which reminds me of Chris Paul mentality wise. Just want to make this clear, Suggs was very close to Green.

Projected draft range: 2-5

Analysis done by @amdaymond. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Lenny Parsons



Height: 6’4 Weight: 205 lbs Wingspan: 6’5


  • Great passing vision out of the PNR, will excel here at the next level.

  • Excellent precision passing in transition and will throw dimes due to his great vision and quick instincts.

  • Passing and playmaking is Jalen's greatest strength, remarkable live dribble passer.

  • Finishing is another strength, gets the job done with aggressive attacks and body control.

  • Has to work on attacking and finishing with his left.

  • Needs to sure up his C&S ability, but his 37% 3pt on 5+ att per 40 and 75% FT shooting suggest he will be fine here.

  • Off the dribble shooting appears to be a positive going forward. Would like to see more pull-ups.

  • Great athlete with explosiveness. Tough to stop in transition scoring opportunities.

  • Needs to control his pace a little bit more.

  • Tighten handles will go a long way.


  • Pesky aggressive defender who gets tons of steals, 3.2/40.

  • Should be elite on/off ball, and playing passing lanes due to great awareness.

  • Good team defender and rotations.

  • Sometimes gambles too much, but hustle and passion is top notch.

Swing Factors

  • Handles & Shot Creation - Getting more out of pull-ups and fluidly creating space for himself to get his shot off comfortably will make him a more complete offensive threat

  • Translatable Defensive skills - His effort, lateral movement should make this workout just fine, but his length isn't great for modern NBA.


  • A starting two-way lead guard who is great in transition and facilitating as well as defensively.

  • LOW: Combo guard who struggles to find his role as a point or shooting guard. Handles PNR fairly well and as an initiator. Doesn’t shoot particularly well, and is a moderately consistent finisher. An average defender who does well in team defense.

  • HIGH: Do it all-star point guard who is the primary initiator/playmaker. A top scoring threat through off-dribble shooting, attacking in half court, and is elite in transition. An overall great defender.

Analysis done by @leoparso. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
NBA Draft



TIER 2 Floor - secondary starter Bullseye - all star Ceiling - all NBA


Pass - Grade: 84 Notes: Suggs is a very solid and crafty passer. Suggs is unselfish with very good vision, but is not poised and under control enough to be an elite passer. He's at his best in transition, threading the needle and displaying amazing creativity and accuracy on eye-popping passes. He will make the extra pass and good reads in the half court, but he's not manipulating defenses and creating open looks for his teammates out of nothing. His passing arsenal reminds me a lot of Lonzo Ball: very creative, accurate, best in transition, versatile, makes good reads, but not necessarily an orchestrator or manipulator. Passing overall is without a question a positive attribute for Suggs.

Dribble - Grade: 89 Notes: Suggs has a tight and productive handle, that is very effective when going down and creating space. Suggs is great at changing speeds, and has an amazing first step. Suggs is great at maximizing his dribbles and not dribbling aimlessly. He's great at blending his handle with his athleticism, particularly in transition and when attacking the basket. Suggs handle however is not too crafty. He's not poised and crafty in the PnR, and he struggles to orchestrate in PnR. He relies on his athleticism to create space on jumpers more so than his handle. He's not a pick apart the defense ball handler, but a get to his spots ball handler. His handle is very crisp though, and he does have a deeper and more creative arsenal than it may appear.

3pt shooting - Grade: 77 Notes: Suggs shot 35% from 3 on 79 attempts. He's got a really nice looking shot, especially off the dribble. He didn't shoot it at an elite level, but he takes a lot of tough shots. The room for him to grow as a 3pt shooter is there, especially off the catch since he will be playing off ball in the NBA more so than at college. Suggs does have a knack for shooting his best in the biggest moments, especially from three. He also is a heat check type player, and can get hot (and cold) quickly. His volume varies based off of how well he's shooting game-to-game.

Mid-range shooting - Grade: 75 Notes: Suggs rarely shoots mid-range jumpers, and there's a reason for that. His game does not generate too many mid-range looks due to his downhill nature and lack of PnR craftiness. When he does take them, he gets great elevation and they look pretty good. Just not a big part of his shot profile.

Finishing - Grade: 85 Notes: Suggs is an incredible athlete with a strong and sturdy frame, and this makes him a very dynamic finisher. Suggs has great elevation on his finishes, and great explosiveness on his drives. Suggs has good core strength and a wide base, allowing him to absorb and finish through contact. He lacks creativity when finishing around the rim, and sometimes will leap without a game plan. He can be over-reliant on creating contact instead of going up just to finish. He can get stifled by good rim protectors since he hangs for so long and will leap from so far. He can straight up dunk over guys and is absolutely fearless at the rim. His elite ability to get the rim generates a lot of open finishes for him.

Off-ball playmaking - Grade: 85 Notes: Typically active off-ball, good at cutting back door and from the opposite side of the ball. Sets off ball screens with purpose. Good at relocating and filling lanes. Crashes the glass with purpose, and will hustle back when he doesn't succeed. Spots up when appropriate.

Offensive Summary: 88 Jalen Suggs is very good at a lot different things, but is not elite at anything. His motor, athleticism, frame, leadership, and work ethic plus him already being very good at lot of different things make him a very enticing offensive prospect. He will definitely struggle with ball security early on, and will get caught in the air a solid amount too. Suggs will have a learning curve, but he will also be immediately effective. Suggs ability to play on and off ball is a bonus. He needs to work on his spot up and C&S three point shooting to be elite off-ball, and he needs to work on his poise, control, tempo, and PnR ball handling ability to be elite on the ball. He's got a lot of work to do, but he has a really promising foundation. No structural or fundamental changes are needed to his game or body. Just reps and natural progression. Suggs is a very aggressive player and finds ways to be effective.


Engagement - Grade: 99 Notes: Suggs is absurdly active. He is always looking for ways to get involved in the play. He takes pride in his activity, and is always engaged on defense on and off-ball.

Containment - Grade: 90 Notes: Suggs has all the makings to be an elite guard POA defender, but he's not quite there yet. He's got an extremely strong base, good but not great lateral quickness, and the aggression needed to be a true pest. He's great at fighting over and avoiding being screened, but he can lack an awareness as to when screens are coming. He can be overly aggressive and commit fouls, or get caught reaching. He can rely on his instincts too much and not play based off of the offensive players movements. However he's great at always making things difficult one way or another. If his feet can get a little quicker and Suggs can play a bit more within himself, he'll be one of the best guard POA defenders in the league.

Team Defense - Grade: 98 Notes: Suggs has incredible anticipation on defense, and plays the passing lanes like a hungry defensive safety. He's constantly waiting and anticipating for an opportunity to make a play, and he's always quick and read when the opportunity presents itself. Suggs is very vocal and active, and does whatever is required of him off the ball on defense. He can gamble a bit at times, but is great at recovering. He rotates and switches on time with an occasional lapse. His motor and aggression along with great instincts make him a guy you want on your team and hate to play against.

Rim Protection - Grade: 90 Notes: Suggs is an elite shot blocker for a guard. Suggs can pin shots on the back board, and is great at mirror contests when recovering off of a hedge. His vertical and core strength allow him to contest shots in a manner that makes him seem so much bigger than he actually is, a trait that few possess and is of likes of Dwyane Wade and Jrue Holiday.

Playmaking - Grade: 99 Notes: Suggs is a highlight waiting to happen on defense, and even when he sells out to get one and fails he's so good at recovering it often doesn't matter. Suggs is as good as anyone in the class at anticipating passes. He's got a great deflection and steal rate, and is just an overall pest with a true nose for the ball. Suggs averaged 2 steals a game this year.

Versatility - Grade: 90 Notes: Suggs can hold his own when switched onto bigger wings, and can guard either guard position at a high level. His strength and verticality allow for this versatility.

Defensive Rebounding - Grade: 95 Notes: Suggs ridiculous motor, desire to push the ball, athleticism, and nose for the ball make Suggs a great rebounder for a guard. Suggs is truly a good and high volume rebounder.

Defensive Summary: 93 Notes: Suggs is an absolute high-motor pest on defense. He's always anticipating, and he works incredibly hard. He's very strong and pretty quick, and projects to be a very good defender in the NBA with serious all-defense potential. His patience and feet will have to improve a bit, but he's going to be a great defensive asset to whatever team selects him. He's also a vocal leader on defense, and is a true spark plug.

Measurables: 95 19 6'4 205 6'6 wingspan

Functional Athleticism: 97 Suggs has one of the best vertical leaps in the draft Suggs is one of the quickest open floor players in the draft with and without the ball Suggs has one of the best bursts in the draft Suggs is still very much above average laterally Suggs has great core and overall strength Suggs has elite stamina

General Thoughts: Jalen Suggs is an extremely dynamic and active player on both ends of the floor. My favorite quality about Suggs is his extremely high motor. High motor, good point of attack defenders are rare to find in today's NBA and they are very valuable to any team. What's even more rare is for these high motor, good point of attack defenders is to have a very high upside on offense. Suggs has great vision, is great at changing speeds, has a lethal first step, is great at slithering his way into the lane at multiple different speeds and angles, is very good at absorbing contact when finishing around the rim, is one of the best transition/downhill players in the draft, and has a great looking jumpshot. Suggs only shot 34% from three and 75% from the line, but I expect these numbers to improve as he fine tunes his shot selection. Suggs is 6'4 and a freak athlete. His lateral quickness is as good as anyone in the draft, he's got a crazy high vertical, and his open court speed is elite. I do believe Suggs will be able to play the 1 and the 2 in the NBA, but it will be an adjustment period for both positions upon entering the league. Suggs feel for the game is an interesting case study. He's got a high IQ due to his vision and his natural ability to elude defenders and create/attack space, but he often makes the wrong read, finds himself caught in the air, or is out of control in general. Suggs often immediately realizes his mistakes and what went wrong, so I expect he will slowly but surely be able to overcome these short coming but it will take years to do. I would be surprised if his assist/TO ratio exceeds 2:1 within his first three years. While Suggs is a great point of attack defender, he often gambles to much and will find himself lost in rotations. He will regularly find himself over-helping off ball and ball watching. His high motor makes up for these minor mental lapses, which makes him a trick or treat player on both ends of the floor at this stage in his career. Suggs' motor and athleticism allow him to be a great rebounder for his position and size too. When Jalen Suggs is on the floor, you will KNOW Jalen Suggs is on the floor. He is extremely active and his presence is always felt. He's going to be pretty mistake prone early on in his career, but whatever team gets Jalen Suggs will be extremely lucky. I'd bet on Jalen Suggs improving every year in all aspects of his game, and I do think Jalen Suggs will be a NBA all star. I absolutely love his fit in Toronto under Nick Nurse and in a guard rotation featuring FVV, Malachi Flynn, and Gary Trent Jr.

Analysis done by @Draft1000. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Raptors fan




  • Playmaking

  • Hard nosed defence

  • Athleticism

  • Hard worker on both ends of the floor

  • Danger in transition

  • Scoring at the rim

Weak Areas

  • Inconsistent 3 point shooting

  • Mid range shooting

  • Relies heavily on athleticism

Player Comp: Kyle Lowry

Analysis done by @Raptorsfan126. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Comparison: Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd

Gonzaga''s Jalen Suggs hit the biggest shot of the NCAA tournament but it was far from a flash in the pan as he played a crucial role in the success of his team all season long.

Analysis done by @Dreamville. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Strengths: Leadership, scoring, aggressiveness

Weaknesses: inconsistency from deep

Draft Range: 1-5

If there is anyone in this draft class to get excited about, it’s Jalen Suggs. Suggs is a great all around player who is currently the best player on the best college team in the country. He projects to be a great leader in the NBA. On offence, he can lead the charge by both scoring a lot of points and dishing out a lot of dimes. On defence, he is super aggressive, and while the numbers don’t really pop out, he is an above average defender who could be a pest around the perimeter. Suggs is the only player in this class that has the IT factor. He could potentially turn out to be the best player in this draft class, and I would not be surprised if he did.

Analysis done by @TheRaptorFORMER. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Can do everything on the court at a solid level. Has Westbrook like energy.

Potential to become a Westbrook or prime wall type player

Floor is Emanuel Mudiay with higher IQ or lonzo ball kinda

Peak stats-24 PPG 6RPG 8APG

Analysis done by @Cavsfan. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.



Suggs has a few strengths and a few weaknesses, and the strengths he has outweighs the negatives. He can finish, really well and that should translate into the NBA. Second, he is a good defender, he can guard the opposing teams best scorer. 3rd, he I a good passer. He should be a good NBA player. However, he needs to get a better 3 point shot, be more aggressive for scoring and also need to be less aggressive defensively. He sometimes makes bad decisions turning into easy shots for the opposing team.

Ceiling: Chris Paul except having less impact and being a worse passer

Comparison: Hard to find one, I haven't seen a good one. The Jason Kidd one isn't good IMO.

Floor: Ricky Rubio about

Analysis done by @Basketball. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.
Green Panda




-Great athlete, catches lobs, spike blocks, flashy dunks, highlight reel potential from day 1

-Dangerous transition player, uses his athleticism and amazing acceleration to get to the rim at will, in and out''s, hanging in the air, eurosteps, wrong leg finishes, got most of his buckets this way

-Really good driver when he gets downhill and accelerates, can be a good weapon as a scorer in the pick and roll, hesitations and in and out''s his favorites, small sample but showed very good touch on the floater, constantly puts pressure on the rim and had some TOUGH finishes, very good at adjusting in the air

-Inconsistent 3 point shooter, but had nice flashes (ex. Iowa 7-10), off the dribble more of the same, inconsistent but showed a variety of stepbacks, sidesteps, pull-ups off the PnR, etc., had a few nice makes from very deep, struggled a bit from the line to start the year, but evevntually got to 76% and showed good signs

-Amazing playmaker, especially in transition, outlet passes were a beauty, very unselfish and accurate with them, high IQ dump-offs and kick-outs to shooters, in the halfcourt, finds his teammates on drives, patient and precise in the PnR, routinely found cutters and rollers against multiple coverages

-A "dog" defender, opponents struggled mightily against him in college, quick hands, good frame and very aggressive on-ball, good awareness off-ball, got a bunch of steals by getting into passing lanes, made some nice rotations, disrupted handoffs and the highlight blocks are well known by now

-Pretty good cutter, should make him an easy fit on an NBA team from day 1

-High motor, always giving it his all, effort and hustle are always there, competitor and winner


-Needs to tighten up the handle a bit, lost it in traffic, shot creation still pretty limited, has to slow down sometimes, avoidable mistakes, can get better with reps

-His finishing can still get better, rams into vertical defenders at times and doesn''t have quite the touch to always finish over the length, getting a better pull-up midrange game should open it up more for him

-Needs to be a bit more consistent from 3, had some really bad misses and 1-6 or 0-7 games somewhat frequently, especially since most teams will go under the screen at the start of his career

-Can gamble a bit in passing lanes, Gonzaga''s defense allowed him to, hopefully an NBA team does too

Likely Range: 2-4

Analysis done by @GreenPanda. View their full  draft big board and scouting reports here.