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Thunder make a big move for Mobley — DG to the Nets — Mikal, Avdija, and picks to the Cavs


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+2 players ($24.3m),
Cap Impact + $15.9M

+3  Wins

+36.90  MPG

+0.12  Off.

+0.85  Def.



+4 players ($58.5m) +1 pick,
Cap Impact + $29.0M

+1  Wins

+13.17  MPG

-1.92  Off.

+2.66  Def.



+1 player ($0) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $7.1M

-1  Wins

-7.13  MPG

-0.14  Off.

-0.77  Def.



+6 players ($64.5m) +6 picks,
Cap Impact + $5.4M

+5  Wins

+43.43  MPG

-1.31  Off.

-0.37  Def.

Update post Caruso trade:

Thunder Math (since everyone clearly doesn’t have the vision to see)

The Thunder would never have the opportunity to trade Giddey and picks for a player of Mobley’s caliber without extenuating circumstances…

Star players such as Spida or KD are going for multiple good young players (Mikal + Cam, Lauri + Sexton, etc) AND EVERY SINGLE PICK / SWAP another team has available which is usually 3-4 picks plus 3-4 swaps… now Mobley isn’t on the same level as KD or a Spida yet, but he’s got that potential and he’s already really good, and he fits perfectly with what the Thunder are trying to do.

Cavs gave up Sexton, Lauri, and 6 picks (4 picks plus 2 swaps) #14 plus 5 unprotected.

So if the Thunder get to keep their top5 player assets and are only giving up Giddey and picks (many of which are either swaps or protected) giving up 9 for Mobley doesn’t seem unreasonable to me… they have 14+ in their stockpile so they have the luxury of giving more picks instead of including Dort or Cason Wallace… go ahead and argue it should be 4 picks and 3 swaps or 6 picks and 0 swaps, the structure of trade doesn’t change…

Giddey + a fuck ton of picks for Mobley seems like a no-brainer if I’m OKC.

They still have multiple picks avaible to add any role players at the deadline, but most importantly, they have a Top6 that can rival the Celtics while being way younger.

SGA . Dort . JDub . Mobley . Chet … Cason … that’s a Top6 worth giving up future picks for.


The extenuating circumstances with this deal that make it possible to get Mobley for picks are the Cavs deciding to build around Spida/Allen and needing big wings to make us a viable championship contender (Mikal and Deni are absolutely perfect fits for the Cavs if we go this route)

The Nets probably aren’t giving up Mikal for DG straight up… but adding in Giddey and #20 would hopefully make the deal too good to pass up.

Mikal and Sharpe for DG, Giddey, and #20 seems like a no brained if I’m the Nets.

The Wiz probably aren’t giving up Avdija unless it for a legit huge haul…in this case, they get 2 protected picks next year and an unprotected in 2028… probably an “overpay”, but the Wiz need a deal too good to pass up if they are giving up a 23yo big wing on a very team friendly deal.



Draft take Terrence Shannon @ #12


Spida . Mikal . Strus . Avdija . Allen

LeVert . Okoro . Shannon . Wade . Sharp ... Porter . Morris . TT