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The Kyrie11BKN archives

Hello! I am Yxzin_4 and I had a former account names KyrieIrving11BKN, that is still top 50 as of now. I created a ton of quality material there but it’s unfortunately now deleted. But after a few months of research, I’ve created this with accumulating a hundred ish of those posts that were lost. I’ll hopefully find and add more as I go along. Here we go:

Fanspo MyTeam card lineup P1:



Best trade of the season:

The worst FA ever, 2016:

Leaving Fanspo officially:

TradeNBA nostalgia:

Woj next trade deadline:

My account will be deleted:

Trade Challenge for Buki:

Secretive NBA draft streak:

5 weirdest NBA draft selections:

5 realistic Russ ideas:

Fake Woj bomb:

SixersGM trade challenge:

Top 100 and leaving:

Duke basketball birthday wishes:

Have you met any NBA players?

If each NBA team could change one moment:

Made an NBA website:

Daily dose of NBA:

Do you have a secondary team?

Dame to Heat Jersey swap:

Best NBA trade of the season:

2nd overall picks curse:

March Madness upsets of the past 10 years:


Games till LBJ beats KAJ:

Cam Thomas all rookie team:

NBA fans today:

Really hoping Scotties OK:

First scenario for my CYOA:

StephForMVP trade challenge 1:

TC 2:

TC 3:

TC 4:

TC 5:

NBA players as Marvel Characters:

Pretty fair IMO:

2022 NBA Mock Draft Mock:

Gballer trade challenge 1: