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Blazers trade for Bridges and Ayton


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+1 pick

+ 0  Wins

+ 0  MPG

+ 0  Off.

+ 0  Def.

Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers

+2 players ($54.2m),
Cap Impact + $6.9M

-1  Wins

-12.76  MPG

-0.34  Off.

+0.60  Def.

Nets can use the #4 and #23 picks along with Simons and Little to immediately build a strong young core, while also acquiring a future 2026 first from the Blazers to add to their asset pool. Getting their 2024 pick back allows them to take a year to tank and let their young guys develop, while trading away their veterans frees salary and minutes for their young guys. They would cut CP3, freeing up an additional $15 mil ($25 mil total on the trade) allowing him to sign with a contender for a more reasonable contract.

Rockets move up from #4 to #3, allowing them to draft Scoot or Miller, giving up the Nets pick next year in order to do so.

Blazers move a lot of assets but walk away with Ayton and Bridges, giving them a starting line-up of: Dame, Sharpe, Bridges, Grant, and Ayton. Blazers would need to make their 2024 pick owed to Chicago unprotected in order to move their 2026 pick, however both would be worth it in order to put a contending team around Dame.

Suns move Ayton and CP3 and get immediate replacements with Nurkic and Dinwiddie, while bolstering their depth with Harris and O'Neale.