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JA... IS... BACK!... Grizzlies Complete Their Roster 1.0


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As every Griz and Ja fan will tell you... Do NOT underestimate the impact of a top 25 player on any basketball team. Especially when that's the PG... The leader, the floor general, the maestro, the closer. Ja is essential to this team's integrity especially offensively. I believe in this roster. JJJ and Bane have showcased their talents individually the last 25 games and if it wasn't for some very serious and unfortunate injuries to other key roleplayers like Adams, Clarke, Aldama, and others.

Despite some abysmal displays offensively Memphis still ranks 12th in defensive rating! That's right... 12th! Only 3 points off from 5th. That's with the team lacking their center and identity. A true testament to JJJ who imo is a top 3 defender in the league, other individual defenders like Smart and Bane, but also Zac Taylor. Imo tho they could be ELITE rivaling Minnesota as one of the best defenses in the league but they need a little help. The new Dillon Brooks... in fact a better Brooks. RJ BARRETT.

RJ Barrett is an elite perimeter defender who can guard 1-4. He brings intensity, discipline, and strength... While also being an really solid 20 ppg scorer. He's not the most efficient but neither was Brooks. RJ has the potential to be more effrcient, bhe's been a 40% shooter from 3 before. Thibs offense in NY does NOT do him an favors tho those offensive sets are disgusting Brunson carries that offense. Regardless he's still better offensively than Smart who will thrive as a 6 man. Ja and the Griz offense will get Barrett better looks on less usage and the efficiency and defense is gonna show for it. This team can still make a WCF if everyone stays healthy and they make the right move.

The offense still needs work. Ja doesn't help the shooting tremendously on paper BUT same with Barrett he gets guys open looks. He creates space with his speed and penetration. With the offense flowing and defense wnot missing a beat Knochar and Kennard have more of use with less pressure defensively. Their usage and open looks should increase.

Griz: PG. Ja

SG. Bane

SF. Barrett


C. Aldama

  1. Smart

  2. Biyombo

  3. Zaire Williams

  4. Kennard

  5. Tillman Sr

  6. Konchar

  7. Rose

  8. Mcbride


Knicks Roster: PG. Brunson

SG. Hart

SF. Markkanen

C. Hartenstein

  1. Quickley

  2. Divencezno

  3. Grimes

  4. Olynyk

  5. Fournier

  6. Sims

  7. Jeffries

  8. Windler

2024-25 Roster: PG. Brunson

SG. (Derozan? Klay? Near Max Slot)

SF. Markkanen

PF. Randle

C. Robinson

  1. Quickley

  2. Divencezno

  3. Hart

  4. Grimes

  5. Fournier

  6. Sims

  7. (Vet Minimum)