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JA... IS... BACK!... Grizzlies Complete Their Roster 2.0

As every Griz and Ja fan will tell you... Do NOT underestimate the impact of a top 25 player on any basketball team. Especially when that's the PG... The leader, the floor general, the maestro, the closer. Ja is essential to this team's integrity especially offensively. I believe in this roster. JJJ and Bane have showcased their talents individually the last 25 games and if it wasn't for some very serious and unfortunate injuries to other key roleplayers like Adams, Clarke, Aldama, and others.

Despite some abysmal displays offensively Memphis still ranks 12th in defensive rating! That's right... 12th! Only 3 points off from 5th. That's with the team lacking their center and identity. A true testament to JJJ who imo is a top 3 defender in the league, other individual defenders like Smart and Bane, but also Zac Taylor. Imo tho they could be ELITE rivaling Minnesota as one of the best defenses in the league but they need a little help. The new Dillon Brooks... in fact a better Brooks. RJ BARRETT.

OG Anunoby is an elite perimeter defender (top 25 easily) who can guard 1-4. He brings intensity, discipline, and strength... While also being a solid scorer. He alone will take this team to a top 5 defense with JJJ but also Jarrett Allen?? Allen is an elite rebounder and shot blocker who will fill the void of Adams. I would argue that Allen is better than Adams in almost everything from defending, rebounding, rim running, and scoring. The only think Adams is better at is passing which was an integral part to the offense I will admit.

Griz: PG. Ja

SG. Bane

SF. Anunoby


C. Allen

  1. Smart

  2. Aldama

  3. Kennard

  4. Tillman Sr.

  5. Biyombo

  6. Rose

Raps: Simply the Raps need a soft rebuild. That means either trading Siakam or OG Anunoby. I see the argument both ways. The argument for staying is OG he's younger and the better defender. With Siakam an All-NBA caliber big is more rare and he's frankly the better player but has less trade value...

The argument to trade them is that OG is younger lol and has more trade value. With Siakam he's older, prolly even more expensive, and you already have Poetl.

Getting back they get some pretty good pieces worth replacing OG Anunoby. Clarke, Ziaire, and Roddy all have the potential to be the 5th best player on a playoff team down to a real good 7th man. All of them have that potential. They also get some two FRPs for a guy who's practically expiring that's a good return.

PG. Schroder

SG. Trent Jr.

SF. Barnes

PF. Siakam

C. Poetl

  1. Clarke (hurt)

  2. Dick

  3. Ziaire

  4. Roddy

  5. Porter Jr.

  6. Achiuwa

  7. Flynn

  8. Boucher

  9. McDaniels

Cavs: I also think the Cavs could use a soft rebuild. Mobley and garland are both out for an extended period of time. And even with them in this team does not seem to be trending in an upward trajectory they seem very mid and even healthy the most optimistic of fans don't see them as a top 4 seed or getting out of the first round. Now they will most likely be in the play-in.

After this soft rebuild Cavs should just look to avoid the play-in and even possibly look to trade Donovan Mitchell.

After next year you can try again. Hopefully with a new coach and system. Adams replaces Allen seamlessly while adding some unique playmaking from the post as well. Konchar adds some much need shooting. But ofc what they really need is to hit on their draft picks.

PG. Mitchell (TRADE)

SG. Levert

SF. Strus

PF. Wade

C. Thompson

  1. Okoro

  2. Craig Porter Jr.

  3. Niang

  4. Merrill

  5. Jerome

  6. Isiah Mobley

  7. Bates

  8. Garland (hurt)

  9. Evan Mobley (hurt)

  10. Adams (hurt)