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Bulls vets go to contenders


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The Bulls should go the Raptors route and unload their vets. Here's a way that those trades could fit together with a range of contenders:

-The Bulls get Herro, a young offensive star, and Jovic, plus five first round picks.

-The Knicks get Huerter, a young shooter with size, who's lost value but is probably just having a down half-season, given his history. Fits perfectly for them at the 2. Caruso is the prototypical 3rd guard for Thibs.

-Miami gets DeRozan, a better all-around player than Herro for the Heat, plus Barnes as a solid 4 off the bench or maybe starting. And Jevon Carter, a nice backup point guard, who can defend the ballhandler.

-Lavine goes to the Kings. For his flaws, he is a better player than Huerter.

-Vuc goes to OKC, where he can either play with Chet or back him up. He's a solid all around veteran center who can rebound and score in the post for a team that has a size problem.