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Welcome to the kawntent sports directory, the easy way to find trades, articles, and more. This is organized by content type and time period, and contains links to content. This way, you can go back and see my old takes, hold me accountable, and look back in the future and see what my trades would look like once things play out.

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Are you using proper internet safety on Fanspo? Check out this post and make sure you aren't at risk:

This is what I think a Damian Lillard trade will look like, with a third team helping Portland get even more assets. Take a look!

Check out my thoughts on Cam Whitmore - I've been saying he wasn't a lottery talent for months now, and here's why:

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2023 NBA Offseason


The Jonathan Kuminga Situation (June 2023):

Bradley Beal to Suns Analysis (June 2023):

Cam Whitmore Pre-Draft Criticism (June 2023):

2023 Free Agency Day 1 Reflection (June 2023):

Brandon Miller Concerns (July 2023):

Who is the Future Face of the NBA? (September 2023):

Standalone trades:

Simmons to the Spurs Version 2 (June 2023):

Beal to the Lakers (June 2023):

Kuminga and Poole to the Pacers (June 2023):

James Harden to the Bucks (June 2023):

James Harden for Zach LaVine (July 2023):

Cam Thomas to the Spurs (August 2023):

Harden/Lillard Five Team Deal (September 2023):

Perfect Wolves Roster (September 2023):

Lakers Final Offseason Move (September 2023):

Article series:

NBA Expansion Draft Scenario

Eastern Conference Protections (July 2023):

Western Conference Protections (July 2023):

My Expansion Draft (July 2023):

Trade series:

Realistic Destinations for Dame

Damian Lillard to the Jazz in a Three-Teamer (#1) (July 2023):

Damian Lillard to the Heat with a Twist (#2) (July 2023):

Damian Lillard to the Raptors (#3) (July 2023):

Damian Lillard to the Spurs (#4) (July 2023):

Realistic Joel Embiid Destinations

The Knicks Package (#1) (July 2023):

Hawks Dynamic Duo (#2) (July 2023):

Small Market SUPERTEAM (#3) (August 2023):

Three-teamer Warriors Deal (#4) (August 2023):

Chicago Bulls Big Three (#5) (August 2023):

The Celtics Maximum Offer (#6) (August 2023):

The Cavs Offer (#7) (August 2023):

Portland's Last-Ditch Attempt to Keep Dame (#8) (August 2023):

The Luka Swap (Finale) (August 2023):

The Sam Presti Endgame (#10) (September 2023):

Raptors Rebuild Series

Jaden Ivey to Toronto (#1) (July 2023):

Pascal Siakam to Boston (#2) (August 2023):

Bulls Rebuild Series

Kevin Porter Jr Swap Including Vucevic (#1) (September 2023):


Bradley Beal Prediction (June 2023):

Jordan Poole Points Per Game Prediction (June 2023):

Next Trade Series (Aug/Sep 2023):

Withdrawn trades (trades I no longer consider good and have made better versions of):

Simmons/Spurs Version 1 (June 2023):

NBA Mocks

None yet! Might happen in the future though!


SchlenkSystem Chaos Mock (Miami Heat) (July 2023):

Lakeshowszn/BuzzerBeater No Starters Mock (Atlanta Hawks) (August 2023):

2023-2024 Premier League

Starting Opinions before season: